Today we’re making your dreams come true: We are showing you how to build a private retreat in your home for a quick escape anytime you are stressed or need a break from life. Creating your own zen getaway is easy, even if you only have a tiny space. Whether you’re looking to create a yoga nook or you just want a spot for some quiet reflection, we’ve got everything you need to bring on the chill vibes. Scroll on for 10 ways to design your own tranquil hideaway.

1. Add Air Filters: Having an air-cleaning plant will keep your space fresh and pollution free, helping you breathe freely. Plus, you’ll feel a tiny bit of pride knowing you DIYed the planter yourself. (via Brit + Co)

2. Add Some Bling: Crystals are not only gorgeous, but many people also believe they have healing properties. Display your bling with a geometric shelf like this one. (via Stone + Violet)

3. Clean and Clear: Burn sage in your space to clean the air, clear negative energy and create an ideal ambiance. (via Free People)

4. New Age Wall Decal ($29): Whether you’re renting or just not ready for a major home renovation, adding decals like this mandala is an easy way to bring some pop to your walls without any drilling or painting.

5. Make Music: Singing bowls are a great way to relax and unwind during a meditation session. Playing the bowl creates different tones and soothing vibrations to decrease anxiety and increase positivity. (via Free People)

6. Illuminate ($32): This lemongrass tea candle is guaranteed to infuse your room with a soothing scent.

7. DIY Cushions: What space would be complete without a floor made of comfy pillows? These will make you feel like a queen, and are perfect for meditation or relaxation. (via Brit + Co)

8. Write It Down: Add a personal touch to your journal using metallic sharpies to decorate, and take a few minutes a day to jot down your thoughts to clear your head. (via LilBlueBoo)

9. Block Out Noise ($130): Your space should be entirely free of street noise, voices and any other chaos. A noise machine can help you reach zen in no time.

Have you created a zen getaway in your home? Tell us what you love about it in the comments below.

(feature image via Free People)