Life can be pretty hectic, but that doesn’t mean your Instagram feed has to be. Here are 11 accounts to follow for that daily dose of visual Valium. From working artists to app developers, Copenhagen to Mississippi, these photographers will inspire you to slow down, see the beauty that’s around you and frame your next photo more artfully. Next to the themed accounts, brand accounts, cute animal accounts and all your friends, your Instagram feed may finally feel complete.

1. Half Girl: Following the feed of this natural history conservation student based in Copenhagen is kind of like catching a glimpse into a cabinet of natural curiosities. From her sweeping landscapes, like the one above, to her pictures of tiny skeletons, Half Girl allows her fans to take a look at all the natural beauty that the earth offers us. Check out her blog, if you’re not faint of heart and if you’re fascinated by animal dissection.

2. Local Milk: Beth Kirby isn’t just a gifted photographer. She’s also a totally gifted writer and an award-winning food blogger. And stylist. And baker. And all of these various talents are reflected in her gorgeous Instagram account, detailing outfits, scenes from farm living, dinner party spreads and basically everything that’s gorgeous about the South.

3. Miss Vincent: Most of this feed looks like it was taken straight from the pages of a fairytale… or maybe Salvador Dali’s dream journal. Totally surreal, totally cool, Miss Vincent creates incredibly creative shots with a combination of real life and editing. She lives in Mississippi, but her feed seems to hail straight from Oz or Narnia.

4. Elisabeth Erin: Elisabeth is a professional photographer, and her Instagram account shows it. Though her Instagram mostly features shots of Oregon’s most photogenic side, she’s also available for hire for wedding and engagement photography on her website.

5. Jacqueline Norheim: Whether it’s photos of her gorgeous, geometric/organic mashup paintings or surreal shots of the world around her, working artist Jacqueline Norheim keeps one of the best under-the-radar Instagram accounts out there. It’s strange, it’s dreamy and it’s totally unique.

6. Irene Kim: Irene is already totally Instagram famous, and it’s easy to see why. Every shot of her immaculately curated Instagram account is simple, elegant and perfectly composed. Hovering in a gorgeous neutral color palette, her work is as calming as it is inspiring to look at. She’s a self-proclaimed “Instagram Wizard,” and we certainly don’t disagree.

7. Lauren Davison: Lauren’s whole feed is totally beautiful, but the real standouts are her portraits. All the people she photographs look like strange, magical beings in the best way possible. Like Irenekly, she utilizes a neutral color palette, letting her composition and framing really shine.

8. Adriana Sinke: Fashion. Food. Gorgeous Canadian landscapes. Adriana Sinke has all of that, plus her keen eye for almost Wes Anderson-ish composition. Because whether she’s photographing tacos or mountains, all her shots are picture perfect, down to the last detail.

9. Adam Wolf: Adam’s feed will make you fall in love with San Francisco, if you haven’t already. His dedication to shooting the city he lives in and his refusal to use filters will show you the city by the bay as it ought to be seen. There’s no editing here, just a sharp eye for what’s just right.

10. Chloe Roth: It turns out that hand models are real! And once you see Chloe’s Instagram feed, you can see why. There’s a handful (had to, sorry) of her hand shots, but there’s also beautiful shots of food, fashion and the world around her. But no matter what Chloe is photographing, all her pictures have a unifying, clean aesthetic.

11. Ore Studio: The Los Angeles lifestyle has never looked as enticing as it does through Jessica Comingore’s lens. Pops of color like the limes above give her feed a lively but still incredibly elegant vibe, and her vacation pics will have you itching to travel. Jessica’s background in art direction is quite apparent in her lovely body of Instagram work.

What zen-making account did we miss? Who do you follow that fills you with calm? Tell us in the comments below!