As you bend and stretch your way through downward dog, fish and eagle poses, do you ever wonder what you really look like? We’re not talking how great your balance is (though feel free to check your bad self out in the mirror, girl); we’re interested in what’s going on underneath your skin and muscle. Well, now you can stop wondering, because we finally have a clear picture of how our bodies look performing yoga, down to the very last bone. Hurray!

skeleton yoga 2

This amazing video shows how the human skeleton contorts and stretches itself into various poses such as tree, crow and the down dog. The bare-bones body in motion takes on an other-worldly appearance, looking more like an alien or animation than an actual person.

As you continue to watch, it’s pretty amazing to see the different arrangements of the bones that go into one pose. And when the poses are completed successfully, the symmetry and structure is equally as beautiful.

skeleton yoga

What do you think of this out-there video? Ever wonder what your bod looks like during your favorite exercise? Tell us your thoughts below!

(h/t Design Taxi)