If you fear that looking at adorable photos of dogs will lead you to adopting a furry new friend, step away from this post. We personally have fallen for every dog in every one of these puppy-photo-booth snaps. The game-changing series was created by photographer Guinnevere Shuster to help the Humane Society of Utah dogs find their forever homes. And find their forever homes each and every one of them did.

dog 1

It turns out that exhibiting a dog’s personality in a photograph helps prospective dog owners fall in love before even meeting their potential new housemates.

dog 2
dog 3

And as anyone who has ever adopted a shelter dog will tell you, they can be the sweetest, kindest mutts anyone has ever encountered. So we’re not totally surprised that all of these dogs are no longer available (even though we’re are a little heartbroken).

dog 4
dog 5

We’re about ready to road trip to Utah and give this photographer a hug for bringing these precious portraits into our lives.

dog 6
dog 7

Not to mention how she helped these dogs find their forever homes. In fact, some of them were headed home within 24 hours of the photos going viral.

dog 8
dog 10

While your own hometown shelter might still be rocking the dark, grainy photos, trust that the dogs have just as much personality. We just know there’s a sweet face like this waiting to meet you.

dog 11
dog 12

Congrats to these pups and everyone else involved.

Got some cute snaps of your own rescue? Show them to us in the comments below.

(h/t Hello Giggles)