Well, well, well, aren’t we dapper? Forget Mad Men for clean and classic fashion inspiration. The dogs of Instagram (#dogsofinstagram) have got you covered. These dog-owners have devoted themselves to helping their fur-babies express themselves through their style, and we can barely contain our excitement. They’ve mixed two of our most favorite things: dogs and fashion. Check out these doggie lookbooks, and tell us you don’t feel inspired to go shopping… or maybe adopt a dog, and then go shopping.

doggie fashion 11
doggie fashion 14

Otis, the Boston Terrier behind @otisbarkington, has got his hipster style down with beanies and square-frames. We would definitely cuddle up to you, but don’t worry — we won’t mess up your style.

doggie fashion 7
doggie fashion 5

Rusty is learning to love again after being adopted into his forever home. You can find him on @rustyrodas, where he’s spreading the love for other rescues. We definitely have stars in our eyes for you, Rusty. And we love your laid-back style.

doggie fashion

Rusty joins forces with Remix the Dog, a Miniature Schnauzer from Toronto, who is rockin’ a super vintage look. We think his scruffy beard is perfectly matched to his retro style.

corgi 1
doggie fashion 13

We love Geordi La Corgi’s foxy style — it’s stripes, shades and bow ties for this corgi of @lacorgi. We would definitely have a beach date with this squeezable fashion icon.

Anybody we missed? We would love to know the stylish dogs you’ve found on Instagram.