When the temperatures get extreme, you鈥檝e got your 20-pound parka zipped up to your eyeballs, a bucket of hot cocoa in your gullet and two electric heaters in each of your boots. Alright, you鈥檙e ready to walk the dog. But wait a minute鈥 you鈥檙e just going to take him outside all naked and stuff? Harsh, man. Be a responsible pet parent. Get that boy a DoodleSuit.

Say whaaa? Yup, Karin Hoskina, a dog owner with practicality in mind, wanted to make winters a little warmer for her Golden Doodle. After some trial and error, she came up with a snowsuit for her pooch to don for playtime in any element. Snow banks, mud puddles and rainy days are no match. The product was recently funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, meaning soon you can suit up your canine companion for snowy days, too.

It鈥檚 not the first time we鈥檝e seen outerwear for dogs, but one that delivers on snow, rain and mud simultaneously could be a game-changer. Plus, this option goes where no other dog outerwear has gone before, even keeping those furry little legs covered.

The DoodleSuit comes in five colors and is set to retail for around $100. But seeing as the first batch is set to ship in December, we think you鈥檙e going to want to get two. You know, for man鈥檚 best friend鈥檚 best friend. And if your dog digs designer, there鈥檚 even a limited-edition tie-dye option. Fancy.

What do you think? Would you dress your dog in a DoodleSuit? Give us a shout in the comments, and let us know if you made a pledge for one of these babies.