It’s time for Choupette to make room on the runway. There’s a new fashion-forward pet in town, and he’s growing a stylishly impressive stack of bones — approximately $15,000 a month, actually. This Manhattan-based 5-year-old Shiba Inu is the face of fashion brands like Brooks Brothers, Coach, Revlon, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ted Baker, Polyvore, ASOS and American Apparel and is also sponsored by Purina and Barkbox.

You’ve met Bodhi, aka Menswear Dog, before (fun fact: He’s named after Patrick Swayze’s character in Point Break). When we included him in BritList back in 2013, he was merely a well-dressed Insta-celeb. Since then, he’s found more than his niche — he and his owners are making about $15,000 a month to model said dapper duds. Not only does he make more money in one month than most of us make in a quarter, he’s got more designer duds than most humans.

But he’s not all business, all the time. This man’s best friend knows how to kick back in a moto jacket and flannel.

Bodhi’s also a fan of cozying up next to a warm fire in a plush knit sweater after a long day of chopping wood. Classy, stylish AND outdoorsy? What’s not to love about this guy?

Bodhi’s parents, David Fung and Yena Kim, quit their day jobs to manage Bodhi’s schedule and business engagements and act as his creative director, stylist and photographer. And just how do they get Bodhi to cooperate during long photo shoots? Bacon and peanut butter. He’s got an uncanny ability to balance sunglasses on his face, and his piercing facial expressions would put Zoolander’s Blue Steel and Magnum to shame.

During his downtime, Bodhi prefers a simple uniform of a basic black bandana — which we take is his equivalent to a black tee or LBD.

He’s a sucker for an iconic accessory. Just looking at him makes us Happy.

In addition to his modeling skills, his #selfie game is on point, natch.

Won’t you be his neighbor?

We can’t get enough of Menswear Dog — can you? Let us know in the comments below.

(Images via Instagram)