There’s a new sweet treat dominating dessert bars everywhere, and we’re not talking cupcake towers (that’s sooo last year). Donut walls have been popping up at weddings, baby showers and parties everywhere as a sweet backdrop. Because, let’s face it, what says celebrate more than an eye-popping display of sugary goodness? Whether you’re looking to add a little flare to your next party or just your weekly Sunday brunch get-together, this sweet display of doughy art will take your dessert game to the next level — literally. Scroll on for 16 donut walls that prove this Insta-worthy food trend is here to stay.

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1. Kid’s Party: What kid doesn’t love donuts with sprinkles? But be sure to add a few plain glazed ones for the picky eaters in the crowd.

2. Craft Party: Donuts are a perfect snack for your crafting circle’s next get together. You can eat them with one hand — no fussy plates and utensils necessary. Make ’em pink for a tropical display like this one.

3. Anniversary: Commemorate your love by celebrating with a *ring* of a different color — a donut ring. This colorful donut wall makes this anniversary party something extra special.

4. Black Tie: Donuts can be fancy too, if you decorate them in the right colors. Black and white with silver and gold sprinkles provide an elegant backdrop to even a formal gala.

5. Boho Wedding: When boho wedding really does mean laid back, skip the cake and go for a donut wall instead. It’s so much more fun when guests can eat with their fingers.

6. Birthday: It’s your day, so celebrate your birthday with all the things you love most. And who doesn’t *love* a wall of donuts?

7. Baby Shower: When the guest of honor is eating for two, make sure donuts are on the menu. Painting the pegboard the appropriate color can be a fun way to announce the baby’s gender, and you can color-coordinate the donuts to match.

8. Labor Day: Arrange rows of solid-color donuts in the shape of our flag. Kids young and old will flip out when they see it. Hang some pegs low for the smallest tots to reach.

9. Office Treat: Oh em gee — if every meeting served donuts, the world would be a better place. You’ll be everyone’s BFF if you do this at your next kick-off meeting.

10. Oscars Party: A donut pegboard is an easy way to arrange your Oscar-viewing goodies. Bonus: Everyone can mingle and fill out their Oscar ballots while they eat.

11. DIY Triumph: This board is upcycled from a wooden pallet. How appropriate to hang your celebration goodies on the very thing you’re celebrating. DIY success for the win!

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12. National Donut Day: Mark your calendars for next Donut Day, and then have one of each. Invite some friends ’round, because sweet treats always taste better when shared.

13. Corporate Events: This wall of donuts is so tall that you need a reacher-grabber to nab a treat. This is one corporate event everyone will remember!

14. Weddings: A donut wall serves double duty as both a dessert table backdrop *and* photo booth. This black and white wall of donuts totally suits this fun-loving bride and groom.

15. All-Occasion: A donut wall makes the perfect centerpiece to almost any celebration. Think outside the donut hole and frost pretzels and other *hangable* goodies as well.

16. Just Because: Do you really need a *good* reason to eat more donuts? Build a donut wall for your next get-together and your friends will be doing the happy dance.

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