We're constantly on the lookout for new innovations to take care of our health. But you know what part of our medicine cabinets we find ourselves reaching for the most? Good old fashioned bandages. Just because something is a staple doesn't mean it has to be boring. These new bandage trends and ideas are the future of minor wound dressing. While nothing will earn you as many badass points as a full arm sling made from a plaid button-down, these re-imagined bandages are still pretty darn neat. Oh and they help you heal and stuff. Hey, taking care of a paper cut still counts as a health necessity ;)

1. AmoeBAND: AmoeBAND bandages come with special cut-outs designed into its shape so that it can be tailored to fit those difficult areas especially on your hands. This design has you covered for cuts anywhere on your hands, from fingertips, to knuckles, to palms and everything in between.

2. What Happened?: Ok, so maybe you tripped and scraped your knee. But, hey, no one needs to know that. Ninja fight seems like a much more valid excuse, so let’s go with that. For the record, we get injured in dance offs all the time.

3. Chameleon Bandage: This bandage design is as discreet as they come! As you place the bandage on your skin to protect a cut or scrape, the bandage camouflages itself by adjusting its color through a chemical reaction to match your skin tone. It’s only a concept design…for now.

4. Leather Bandages: Leather cut dressings will take your boo-boo from “eek!” to chic.

5. Comic Strip Bandages: We already know you’re a superhero. But hey, superheroes get minor flesh wounds too… Dress them up in style with these. Pow!

6. Custom-Fitted Bandage Dispenser: Ever wish your small strip-bandages were as easily accessed as a roll of tape?

7. Tattoo Bandage: Maybe you realized your latest cut or scrape is in a prime “tattoo zone.” Maybe you don’t want to have to sport a wimpy bandage for the next few days. Maybe you just want to try out a temporary tattoo sticker. We’re not judging.

8. Oops A Daisy!: Not only is this the most epic name for a set of bandages ever, the prints are adorable and certain to brighten up your day as you dress up that paper cut.

9. The Sensium Band-Aid: The smartest bandage on the market has a built-in monitoring chip that tracks your healing progress with feedback on your blood glucose, pH-level blood pressure, ECG, and other measures that are meaningless to us.

10. Cynthia Rowley: Your injuries deserve designer threads too, right? These ultra-chic Band-Aids will make you feel like the ultimate fashionista.

Which of these do you need in your first-aid kit? Are we missing any adorable bandages? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.