Hardboiled eggs and jelly beans — it must be Easter! Sure, you can obsess over the Easter meal (which one of these gluten-free and Paleo-friendly brunch recipes to choose from?), but for our money, Easter sweets are where the party’s at. You can decorate elaborate Easter eggs, sure, even the galaxy variety, but what about channeling that creativity into decorating cookies. These 13 recipes will add a burst of colorful fun to your table, and they’re a lot tastier than a hollow milk chocolate bunny.


1. Frosted Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cookies: Chocolate cookies topped with frosting are already delicious. But these ones are also decorated with shredded coconut + chocolate eggs, so they look like cute little bird’s nests. (via Swanky Recipes)


2. Easy Coconut Pastel Cookies: Pastel candy-coated chocolates dot these soft cookies. They’re filled with coconut flakes and extract for a surprisingly pleasant tropical flavor. (via Lemons For Lulu)


3. Hot Cross Cookies: Let’s face it; baking bread from scratch is kind of a pain. This year, make these hot cross cookies instead of buns for a tasty timesaver. (via A Virtual Vegan)


4. Greek Easter Cookies: These Greek koulourakia cookies are traditionally served at Easter. In this recipe, they’re flavored with lemon zest and sumac, and are great for dunking in coffee. (via Wander Cooks)


5. Gluten-Free Pastel Thumbprint Cookies: Easter treats can be disappointing if you’re gluten-free. Make this recipe, to make sure all your GF friends and family have something sweet to nosh on this year. (via Veggie Inspired)


6. Easter Bunny Tail Sugar Cookies: Stack these cookies to make for a super cute Easter treat. A mini rosette cookie looks like a fluffy bunny tail when placed on top of a rabbit-shaped one. (via The Pretty Bee)


7. Rainbow Mini Meringues: Crispy-yet-fluffy meringue cookies are always a hit. Swirl them with some rainbow colors to make for a springtime treat worthy of your Instagram feed. (via Unicorns in the Kitchen)


8. Funfetti Marshmallow Cereal Bars: Cereal bars are an easy dessert that can be a showstopper, with a few add-ins. Funfetti sprinkles and corn cereal makes these better than the crispy cereal bars you might be used to. (via Amanda’s Cookin’)


9. Toasted Coconut Shortbread Cookies: Crispy coconut cookies are just the thing to dip in your tea. These ones are even vegan + gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy them. (via The Green Life)


10. Coconut Macaroon Nest Shortbread Cookies: Macaroons and shortbread team up in these delicious cookies, which are topped with candy. Made in mini-muffin tins, they look like bird’s nests (but taste much better!). (via Gringalicious)


11. Golden Egg Oreo Cookies: Hunting for Easter eggs is fun and all, but these treats have an even better surprise. A layer of chocolate conceals an Oreo cookie beneath the surface. (via Scrummy Lane)


12. Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies: A pastel rainbow of cookies should grace every Easter table. These are topped with chocolate kisses, for something even more delicious. (via My Kitchen Craze)


13. Speckled Egg Cookies: Get your arts and crafts and baking fix in one with these cookies. First, make chocolate shortbread cookies, then decorate the cookie tops with colorful icing and pretty speckles. (via The Bearfoot Baker)

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