Nothing says Easter festive quite like a well-placed wreath on the door. But sometimes it’s better to think outside the Easter decoration box and all its cutesy bunnies and Easter eggs. With a modern and colorful springtime wreath, you’ll have a seasonal door decoration that will last far beyond the egg hunt and keep your door decoration game going strong *all* spring long. The fresh, spring-y takes on this classic holiday decor below are super easy to DIY and can be reused year after year — just be sure to protect those paper ones when April showers hit. Whip one up ASAP, and you’ll have plenty of time to get those BFF Easter baskets ready to roll.

live spring wreath

1. Geometric Floating Flower Wreath DIY: Take advantage of those beautiful spring blooms with this live wreath. You can dress it up with a monochromatic color scheme, or go more boho with some wildflowers. Major bonus: Thanks to its wood frame, this wreath actually floats! Now your springtime door decor can easily transition into a summer swim once you’ve freshened up the flowers. (via Paper & Stitch)

modern paper flower wreath

2. Modern Paper Wreath DIY: Minimalism never goes out of style. This asymmetrical work of art is perfect for displaying in springtime and beyond. Swap the paper flowers for each season — think brighter hues in summer and bolder, darker hues in fall and winter — to keep it fresh throughout the year. (via Kendall Jackson)

rainbow crepe

3. Rainbow Crepe Paper Wreath DIY: This rainbow of pastels would look great any time of the year. While the instructions are in Chinese, the pictures pretty much explain it all. Enlist the help of that trusty Google translator, and grab some bright crepe paper so you can score this for yourself. (via Wowsai)


4. Paper Wreath DIY: You can use any kind of paper to make this wreath, whether it’s old newspaper, tissue paper or wrapping paper. Opt for an unexpected color combo, like this pastel and gold option, for a wreath that you can use across holidays — pastel Christmas, anyone?. (via We Are Scout)

pink metallic wreath

5. Pink and Metallic Wreath DIY: Pastels are great and all, but there’s something to be said for a bold color and metallic accent. If you saved a few eggs from last year’s Easter egg hunt, you can use them to help hatch this springy wreath in vivid pink and gold. While the eggs are pretty Easter-y, this modern wreath could hang well into spring. (via The Home Steady)

wooden spoon flower wreath

6. DIY Wooden Spoon Wreath: These spoons look great in their natural wood state, but if you can only find plastic ones, just spray paint them with your color of choice before assembling. Once you hang it, the compliments from your neighbors will start rolling in immediately. (via Blitsy)

1413-645x430 copy

7. DIY Fringed Yarn Wreath: This wreath is perfect if you can find stick pins with pretty yellow heads. Or, really any color would work, if you want to get creative (and who doesn’t?). The fringed yarn “grass” will look super festive for spring. Plus, when summer rolls around, you can swap out the banner with a new garland and different flowers. (via Crafts Unleashed)

bright paper flower wreath

8. Floral Streamer Wreath: Crepe paper is super fun to work with, but it’s the wire frame that makes this wreath stand out. Stay with the rainbow theme, or go for a look that’s more monochromatic — you certainly can’t go wrong with this minimalist stunner. (via The House That Lars Built)


9. DIY Daffodil Wreath: Nothin’ says spring like daffodils. If the season is taking a bit longer to arrive than predicted (ahem, Punxsutawney Phil), fake it with a few DIYed paper daffodils that’ll bloom all the way through summer and beyond. (via The House That Lars Built)

dwell beautiful

10. Floral Striped Spring Wreath DIY: The unexpected stripe and floral pairing makes this wreath worthy of displaying way after Easter is over. To make sure they lie flat against the moss, cut the flower stems down as close to the head as possible. You can use any color pairing you like, but this combination of oranges, pinks and yellows definitely screams spring. (via Dwell Beautiful)


11. DIY Bunny Shaped Moss Wreath: If the cutesy bunny route is not for you, this simple, woodsy wreath might be the answer to all your spring decor problems. Keep it up well past Easter to show your love for cute little rabbits. Pro tip: You can add colorful flowers for more of a springtime vibe. (via Mom Spark)


12. DIY Spring Paper Flower Wreath: Ignore those rainy day showers, and skip right to the flowers with this colorful DIY. Your spring theme game will be strong with pastels *and* glitter, or you can customize each petal to fit your existing color scheme. (via Gathering Beauty)


13. DIY Modern Spring Wreath: Spring is *all* about that greenery, so adding a forest vibe to your decor with some moss, air plants and feathers is just right. A wreath like this can work year-round — just don’t forget to spritz a little water on it once or twice a week. (via Earnest Home Co.)

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