Guess what we recently learned. Apparently, you can’t just hide your blinged out eggs in the park and let your friends and fam go crazy finding them anymore. Now big-production egg hunts are a thing. And because we love you and don’t want you to be kept in the dark, we’re showing you how to throw your own haute hunt. Just follow our guide and you’ll be the biggest trendsetter in town. Let’s get crackin’ ;)

1. Easter Egg Hunt Kit ($42): If you want your EEH (Easter Egg Hunt… duh!) to look like a big deal without really making a big deal out of the prep, arm yourself with this kit that has all your decor essentials covered.

2. Opening Ceremonies Grandstand: We love the idea of setting up a staged area that’s the center of the festivities. It’s where you can kick things off, where hunters can report back at the end of the fun or where they can stop by when they need to re-energize on snacks or bevvies. (via Design Mom)

3. DIY Bunny Ears: We suggest sending around this tutorial to all your gal pals before the event and asking them to DIY up their very own and have them bring it to the party. (via Yes Style)

4. Party Goer Style: Can you request that participants dress up for the affair? Yes, you can. And you most certainly should. (via What Kate Ate)

5. Bike Ride Hunt: If you’re up for making this the most epic of all epic hunts, you could spread things out far and wide. Have your friends decorate their bikes like Easter eggs, give them cute, colorful hats as party favors and let the three-block-long games begin! Your hunt is sure to be the most badass hunt out there. We promise. (via Regina Tiatira)

6. Easy Painted Egg Cartons: You do realize that some of your somewhat-forgetful friends are totally going to flake on bringing their own basket or tote for egg collecting, right? That’s okay. Don’t be too hard on them. Instead, gather up old egg cartons and make a little decorating station for them to make their very-own-designed gathering apparatus. (via Design Mom)

7. Crepe Paper Carrots: True, it is called an Easter EGG hunt, but we were never ones to stick to regulations. And these little paper creations are perfect for holding candy or even little trinkets. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Free Printable Eggs: You need to set the scene, but you also need to make it easy on yourself. Take advantage of this free printable and hang these little eggs in trees as straight-up decor or use them as markers for egg goldmines. (via Anmutig)

9. Polished Prizes: As much as we love pastel-foil-wrapped mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and technicolor jelly beans, a girl can only eat so much sugar in a day. So please. For our blood sugar levels, please pack something else in those little plastic eggs. Nail polish would be just fine by us. (via Fall in NaiLove)

10. Good Eggs: Kids might not be uber-excited about opening a plastic egg and finding veggies inside, but we do like this idea for displaying snacks for hungry guests. Although you might be on full-time refill duty. Worth it? Maybe. (via Kailo Chic)

11. Jell-O Shots: Do we ever get sick of finding new ways to give and take Jell-O shots? Don’t be ridiculous. Hide these eggs around your backyard. Your friends will first be confused why you gave them a plain white egg, but once they crack into it, they’ll totally understand. (via Oh Happy Day)

12. Egg Popsicles: And one more good surprise to put in those plastic huevos. But maybe help your guests find these and fast. Otherwise… mess… all over the place. Which could be kind of funny too. (via Brit + Co.)

13. Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs: Okay, okay. One last form of oval-shaped trickery. This time tricked out with cheesecake. No, but seriously, palm-sized cheesecakes. We know, your minds are blown. Deep breaths. (via Raspberri Cupcakes)

14. Peeps S’mores: Is it weird to have a fire going in your backyard in the middle of the day? Probably, but once your pals see treats where flaming Peeps are involved, they’ll totally get it. (via Eclectic Recipes)

15. Funny Bunny Cookies: It ain’t a party unless there’s a photo booth involved. And these props are perfectly appropriate. Plus, they’re edible! Score! (via Munchkin Munchies)

16. Speckled Egg Cake: You guys. It’s so beautiful we might cry. (via The Cake Blog)

17. Bunny Jars: You can and should DIY these jars. We think they’d look great just sitting about, filled with colorful candy for anyone who had a hard time finding eggs. (via Torie Jayne)

18. Easter Egg Making Station: We know we’ve already showed you like a million ways to beautify the incredible edible egg, but for your very own Easter egg hunt, you should totally let your friends DIY their own and take them to a very magical metallic land. (via Miss Renaissance)

19. Freebie Easter Egg Stickers: Use them to decorate eggs. Use them to adorn party favors. Use them to put on your friends’ backs when they’re not looking. Just use them somewhere! They’re free! (via Fellow Fellow)

20. Rabbit Cookies: We found it. We found your party favor, and let us say, it is freaking adorable. (via La Recetas de la Felicidad)

21. Bunny Ear Bags: Wait. Would it be too much if we packaged our bunny cookie favor in a bunny-ear bag… it would be, wouldn’t it? We’re totally doing it. (via Oh Happy Day)

22. Message in an Egg: Okay, we kind of lied. One more yolky joke. Behold! The incredible legible egg. (via Pixel Whisk)

How are you planning your hunt? Hide some eggs of inspiration in the comments below!