While we’re still waiting on the data for how many couples have broken up after trying to assemble IKEA furniture together, something new and exciting has happened. The Swedish mega home decor company just announced that it will release furniture that doesn’t take pages of confusing steps to put together.


Launching with a living room storage series, the collection includes cabinets, a bookshelf and coffee table that won’t require any tools or loose pieces to assemble. You can actually put them together in just a few steps using only your hands, proof above.

The brand is trying to snag customers who haven’t shopped at IKEA before because they don’t want to spend an entire afternoon and their last shreds of sanity putting together a dresser, but we think this is something everyone will love — current customers and new ones.

Are you all thinking what we’re thinking? Spending less time on assembly means more time for hacking ;)

How pumped are you about IKEA’s announcement?! Share your IKEA furniture assembling stories (the good and the bad) below!