Okay, so assembling IKEA furniture isn鈥檛 so easy. But the thing that makes it worth it is that the payoff is so great. The Swedish home decor company has a knack for creating products that serve more than one purpose 鈥 like a seating cushion that also hides all your crap. The mega brand is also known for their genius storage units, which is good news if you have what realtors like to call a 鈥渜uaint鈥 home. Here, we present 10 of their latest products that make life just a little bit easier 鈥 consider this your guide to navigating the store with a way better plan than just aimlessly wandering the aisles filling your yellow bag up with whatever looks cute and/or cheap鈥

1. Storage Bed ($449): If there鈥檚 one thing everyone needs more of, it鈥檚 closet space. IKEA鈥檚 new storage bed basically grants that wish. The bed folds up, essentially giving you an additional closet. This is a good place to store stuff you don鈥檛 need regularly, like out-of-season clothes.

2. Corner Cabinet ($99): This storage unit is perfect for an awkward corner you don鈥檛 know what to do with. Because it angles perfectly into the corner, it鈥檚 a great shelving unit if you鈥檙e tight on space.

3. Folding Hooks ($10/ 3 pack): Thanks to these little hooks, a wall can serve a whole other purpose aside from just, you know, dividing rooms. You can even use the hooks to put your favorite outfits on display.

4. Cord-Hiding Nightstand ($30): Like many of IKEA鈥檚 products, there鈥檚 more than meets the eye when it comes to this item. On the surface it looks like a normal nightstand, but the genius thing about it is that you can snake any bedside cords through the table legs and stuff your phone charger into the drawer.

5. Footstool With Storage ($127): Guests will never suspect that they are sitting on a cushion stuffed with crap you don鈥檛 want littering the living room. If you鈥檙e a neat freak, this one鈥檚 for you.

6. Side Table With Lamp ($99): Not only is this pick a side table, magazine rack and lamp all in one, the colorful lamp cord can be hooked through the table any way you want to hold down loose papers.

7. Laundry Drying Rack ($25): Why don鈥檛 regular drying racks have the simple element of added hooks to hang towels, pillows and other random things? So incredibly brilliant.

8. Multicolored Storage Table ($69): Hide clutter while injecting a little color into your living room with this color-blocked table.

9. Corner Wall Shelf ($50): This is another perfect solution for utilizing a corner in your home you aren鈥檛 sure what to do with. DIYers, this wood is easy to paint. Just saying.

10. Shelf With Mirror and Cup Holder ($23): This bathroom shelf not only gives you an extra mirror, but a place to stash your toothbrush, too. Who knows what germs lurk on the sink railing!

What鈥檚 the most life-changing piece of IKEA furniture in your home? We want to know!