Whether you鈥檙e a culinary mastermind or you鈥檝e got a dozen food delivery services on speed dial, you have to admit that the idea of keeping your own herb garden sounds kind of great. While some of us live in spaces large enough to accommodate hanging gardens and backyard edibles, those of us in tiny quarters have to grow our greens to scale. Thankfully, there鈥檚 no shortage of herb garden ideas for small spaces of every kind, from micro apartments to shared spaces with nary a windowsill. Scroll on through to get inspired.

Minimalist Herb Garden via Style Me Pretty

1. DIY Painted Pots: Herbs are beautiful all on their own. With these minimalist planters you have three clay pots, three plants and a bit of white paint with no muss, no fuss and plenty of pretty green sprigs to dress up your dinners at home. (via Style Me Pretty)

Hip Herb Garden via Brit

2. Hip Herb Garden: For homes with a slice of free vertical space, this tall, lean structural planter might be just the ticket. With just a few basic materials and a little creativity, you can customize the design to fit your decor and build an easy-peasy herb garden from the bottom up. (via Brit + Co)

Herb Pot Decals via Zesty Graphics on Etsy

3. Pretty Herb Labels: Not so steady with a chalk pen or magic marker? Have fun and forget the penmanship with a bright-hued pot and a set of ID stickers available in a range of colors. Mix and match pot sizes, stripes and sticker placement to keep things interesting. (via Cool Mom Picks)

Tea Tin Herb Garden via ModCloth blog

4. Tea Tin Herb Pots: Some containers are so pretty that it would be a crime not to reincarnate them as something new once you鈥檙e through with 鈥檈m. Case in point: this quaint set of tea tins. Just be sure to puncture the bottoms so the soil can breathe. (via ModCloth)

Tin Can Herbs via Ruffled Blog

5. Magnetic Tin Can Herb Planter: Maybe you live in a space so small that you don鈥檛 have one square foot to spare. No worries 鈥 there鈥檚 always the front of your fridge. A tin can with tiny magnets affixed to the back can act as both a miniature herb pot and a breath of fresh air every time you walk past the kitchen. (via Ruffled)

Williams Sonoma via Gardenista

6. Instant Herb Garden: For a sweet, rustic touch, all you need is a few hearty swatches of muslin, burlap or another sturdy material to wrap around a set of pots to complete your garden. This look is particularly striking against herbs with strong leaves, like rosemary and sage. (via Gardenista)

DIY label herb planters via Jessica Coco and Mingo for Bodhiluxe

7. DIY Herb Planter Pots: Particularly perfect for folks with gorgeous handwriting or dexterity with a paintbrush, this simple DIY project turns terra cotta pots into tiny works of art. (via Bodhi Luxe)

Hanging Planter Kit via Brit + Co

8. Macrame Hanging Planter Kit ($25): It鈥檚 a tried-and-true piece of advice for small space dwellers everywhere: When in doubt, hang it from the ceiling. These bright and pretty DIY hangers come in a kit that鈥檚 easy to assemble and even easier on the eyes.


9. DIY Herbs in Teacups: Who said delicate china can鈥檛 pull double-duty? You can have your tea and drink it too, and then go plant a garden with this project. It also makes for an adorable housewarming gift. (via Intimate Weddings)

Bike Planter via Brit + Co

10. Bike Planter ($45): Okay, okay, while technically not for the apartment, this cute li鈥檒 planter is just too good to pass up. Now you can take a little herbal inspiration with you everywhere you go. Just be sure to choose a hearty edible like rosemary or aloe that can stand up to the adventure.

Got any other ideas for growing a sweet 鈥榥鈥 small herb garden? Share them in the comments!