We all love Finding Dory, the movie hitting us right in the feels, and there’s no doubt that Dory’s as cute as she is forgetful. But baby Dory is over-the-top adorable and has nabbed a special place in the hearts of fans. Disney, who’s always aware of what we adore — like Disney princesses as moms, oh yeah! — has heard our collective “squees” over the blue, big-eyed swimmer, which is why we’re now getting baby Dory toys. Eee!

Baby Dory Toys _ plush

With an entire line of Dory-themed fun, these are the perfect gifts for any Disney-lover in your life, no matter what age they happen to be (and, TBH, we won’t judge if you want a plushy baby Dory for yourself).

Baby Dory Toys _ plush

Get ready to fall in love with your fave fish all over again with the baby Dory plushes. The collection has Dory at all different stages — there’s a medium-sized Dory, with big eyes and a super cute smile, as well as a super tiny infant Dory, who has the teeniest fins we’ve ever seen. Seriously, try not to say, “awww.”

Disney _ Baby Dory Memory Game

There’s also a fun Dory memory game called Little Dory Goes Home that will keep your kids busy for hours, as well as a water squirting fishy (watch out!) and a little swimming Dory that mimics a real fish friend cruising around the fishbowl.

Baby Dory Toys _ Swimming RoboFIsh

These all hit the shelves (and the water?) August 1, and we’re calling it now — you’re going to want (at least) one of each.

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(h/t HelloGiggles; photos via Finding Dory)