Whether you’ve waited till the last minute to sort out the makeup to match your costume or you just can’t shake that lazy-girl M.O., it’s getting down to the wire to plan out the perfect Halloween face. But don’t think you have to splurge on over-the-top cosmetics piece by piece to complete your costume in time, even though it seems like every downtown drugstore is sold out of its selection of budget-friendly beauty options. Instead you might be able to swing a spooky makeover on the cheap with just a quick trip to Target, where select stores are selling seasonal all-in-one makeup palettes by e.l.f. (also available online at elfcosmetics.com) — and they’re only $6.

Designed around popular costume themes like a smoldering vampire or a peachy princess, e.l.f.’s Halloween Beauty Books come complete with the all the makeup you need to get into character. Not only is each of the four limited edition kits equipped with a generous eight-pod eyeshadow palette (highlights, contours and accent colors all accounted for), but it also features eye liner, lip color and false eyelashes that all fall in line with the theme. Pick up the Enchanted Beauty Book to DIY the perfect powder-blue Elsa eye and flirty falsies to bat, or go for the Wicked Beauty Book to get a goth black lip and blade-sharp cheekbones that would make Maleficent jealous.

And it wouldn’t be a “book” without something to read. That’s taken care of with instructions on the inside of the cover that teach you how to apply each piece of the palette step-by-step. This Halloween, there will be no last-minute YouTube tutorial scrambling.

Which all-in-one beauty products will make getting ready for Halloween a total breeze? Tell us about your beauty finds in the comments below.