We’ll be the first to admit it — the idea of throwing a dark color on the wall can seem slightly overwhelming. Will it make the room feel dark? Will it make it feel smaller? How do those swoon-worthy interior designers pull it off anyway? The answer: bright textiles and minimalist decor that allow for breathing room and for even the deepest of hues to really shine. For our next room transformation, we teamed up with Sherwin-Williams to create a space fit for a bold, jet-setting Enthusiast.

It’s all part of our series featuring ColorSnap® Color ID color palettes curated by the team at Sherwin-Williams.

Today, we’ve taken our color inspiration from their Color ID Enthusiast color palette, designed for someone who’s curious about the world, loves to travel, tends to be endlessly busy, and is that person you know (maybe you!) who’s down to try just about anything.

Take the ColorSnap® Color ID quiz to find your own unique color palette, and scroll on to see how we brought the Enthusiast to life!

We started out with a blank canvas and layered in coordinating colors. When considering the vibe we wanted this room to personify, we knew we wanted to include shelving for art objects and tchotchkes found while traveling, and to bring a bit of brightness to the room with airy artwork above the bed.

As soon as you enter the space, it’s easy to imagine curling up on the bed with a few guidebooks and plotting out your next sojourn abroad.

To kick things off, we took the largest wall and went extremely bold with it, using Rookwood Sash Green SW 2810 to act as the foundation color for the entire space. We then flanked the green with Niebla Azul SW 9137 on the two complementary walls.

We brought in additional colors through the ombre bookshelves, and carefully selected the furniture and decor pieces to bring the whole space together.

About those bookshelves! We bought floating shelves online and installed them, then taped them off, and added color.

We began with a white wall and wooden shelves, and primed the shelves to start the process. Then we taped off lines to create bands of color. We chose to create a seamless set of stripes, which means painting in stages to avoid leaving any white sections. We started with the top section, the middle section, and the bottom. We painted those colors and waited for them to dry. Then we moved the tape to overlap with the top and bottom edges of each color, and painted our other two sections. Easy as… 1-2-3-4-5 ;)

For bedding, we wanted to bring lighter tones in the room, so we opted for a pale wood platform bed topped with this fun terrazzo bedding and mismatched accent pillows. We installed a shelf above the bed and painted it to match the wall to create a seamless, floating effect.

After we finished painting, it was time to add all those essential finishing touches. Instead of two nightstands, we paired a floor lamp with a nightstand and table lamp to mix things up.

We’re big fans of using faux plants and dried flowers in rooms that don’t get a ton of light. They add a warm natural element without any upkeep at all! This is also an easy way to add color to any space without it feeling crowded or busy.

And there you have it. A bright, beautifully designed space that employs rich hues and dark tones, without feeling crowded or dark. Win-win-win!

If you’re looking for guidance on what colors go well together and what might suit your design personality, check out the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Color ID quiz to find your perfect palette.

Author: Anjelika Temple

Photographer: Brittany Griffin

Production + Art Direction: Audrey Taylor and Kayla Haykin

Model: Kara Schab

Hair and Makeup: DaVaughn Dillahunty