Here’s the thing about celebrity crushes: When they’re single it’s great. There is still an inkling of hope that maybe just maybe, you’ll spontaneously meet and fall in love. Then they get married and it’s, um, not quite as likely. Then they have a baby and you kind of watch your pretend relationship sail off into the sunset. Then they have their SECOND kid and it’s really over for you and your hunky, celeb BF. Ryan Gosling mega fans, it looks as though you may have just reached that point because according to Us Weekly, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes might be expecting… again!

Us Weekly writes, “According to a source, the mom of daughter Esmeralda, 17 months, was spotted hiding her burgeoning bump during a photo shoot in Los Angeles in February.” Tabloids are tabloids, so whether little Esmeralda is actually about to get another sibling or not is a little bit unclear. However, we definitely wouldn’t object to the family welcoming another kiddo with a Disney-inspired name. Congrats (maybe?) to the extremely good looking couple.

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(Photo via Sonia Recchia/Getty)