If your name has come across the desk or popped up in the inbox of a recruiter — college or job-related — chances are, they’ve looked you up on social media. And, no, not to RT your live tweets about your lunch or to Like your sixth bathroom mirror selfie of the day, but to see if you make a good candidate for their office or school. #Gulp.

While you may feel free to Twitter away unfiltered under the lock/no key of a private, friends-only-allowed account, Facebook hasn’t made it simple to flip a switch on your privacy settings since back when it was THE Facebook. Remember that? Yeah, long time ago and since then or the last time you’ve fiddled with your photo settings, we can just about guarantee they’ve changed.

But don’t press delete on those memories just yet, there’s help! In the form of an infographic (the best help ever, I think we can all agree). Whether you’re applying for a first (or 15th) job, want to clean up your questionable freshman year photos or are feeling the heat from keeping your mom in friend request limbo for so long, this helpful chart shows you how you can take control of your Facebook photo privacy settings again. It’s kind of like taking a quiz; did you take the photo or did someone else take the photo? IFTTT your way to how you can give your profile a good cleansing for those 65% of employers who might look at it.

Informative, eh? After you return from your lil untagging spree, get more scoop on photo privacy here!

Did you learn something helpful in this chart? How would you rate how employer-friendly your Facebook profile is? Sound off below!