At every point in a foodie’s career, there comes a time when investigating an unknown dish becomes an adventure of utmost importance. Sushi is the first major milestone for most less-than-timid eaters. Next comes pho or edible flowers, or even whole bugs. If all of that sounds a little too far out of your comfort zone, let’s put on the water wingies and oh-so-timidly dip a single big toe into the latest in the world of funky food concoctions: fairy bread. What is it? Who eats it? And why should y-o-u eat more of it starting ASAP? Aussies adopted Hagelslag from the Netherlands, and here’s what else we know so far: white bread (yes, the super squishy, soft kind with the sky-high glycemic index), butter (yum) and lots of brightly colored sprinkles. Sign us up.

Fairy Bread Basic

1. Basic Fairy Bread: Here it is, y’all. Begin with a bag of white bread, slather a few slices with soft butter, dump on the sprinkles (hundreds and thousands, as they say in the Southern hemisphere) and gorge on what can only be deemed magical food. Don’t forget to discard the crust, ‘cuz who wants that anyway? (via Cakelets and Dollies)

Fairy Bread Roll

2. Fairy Bread Roll Up: Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Imagine you’re running late for work but you can’t NOT indulge in fairy bread before that board meeting. Don’t lose a single colorful jimmy with a simple roll of wonder bread. (via Smart School House)

Chocolate Fairy Bread

3. Chocolate Fairy Bread: Time to earn your fairy wings. Swap butter for the nectar of the hazelnut gods. Nutella FTW. (via Polkadot Prints)

Fairy Bread Party Cake

4. Fairy Bread Party Cake: Don your party hats. Fairy bread exists in cake form too. Whip this up for a birthday party, baby shower or just any regular day. (via SprinkleBakes)

Fairy Bread Cookies

5. Fairy Bread Cookies: As if the original product weren’t sweet enough, you can make fairy bread even sweeter by swapping pre-sliced bread for home-baked cookies. It’s just as yummy — we promise! (via Cookies & Cups)

Fairy Bunny Bread

6. Fairy Bunny Bread: We should probably mention that in Australia and New Zealand, fairy bread is typically relished at birthday parties and other celebrations. Bunny bread for Easter, anyone? ;) (via hello, Wonderful)

Sprinkle Toast

7. Sprinkle Toast: Go for a grown-up version by swapping nonpareils for anything small and sprinkleable, like sunflower seeds, coconut flakes and, okay fine, sprinkles. (via Le Pain Quotidien)

Adult Fairy Bread

8. Valentine’s Day Toast: As a grown ass adult, you could totally go for the original, but if you have that “I’m-older-than-12” reputation to uphold, go light on the sprinkles and top your toast with strawberry cream cheese and berries. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Fairy Bread Cake

9. Funfetti Fairy Bread Cake: If funfetti cake is basically the American equivalent of fairy bread, what happens when you combine the two? This meta masterpiece, of course. (via spicy icecream)

Fairy Bread Cheesecake

10. Vegan Fairy Bread No-Bake Cheese Cake With Sprinkle Crumble: This one’s a mouthful to say out loud, but a mouthful is definitely worth it. (via The Moonblush Baker)


11. Funfetti Skillet Cookie With White Chocolate Chips: If you doubted that sprinkle-topped bread could ever get better, be ready for your jaw to drop anew. This skillet cookie takes it to the next level. (via Raspberri Cupcakes)

Fairy Bites

12. Skinny Fairy Bites: As long as you eat your veg alongside your fairy bread, you probably don’t have to worry too much how it’ll impact your diet. But if you really need to moderate, these low-sugar morsels are the way to go. (via The Skinny Fork)

Fairy Strawberries

13. Straw-fairies: Bad puns aside (#sorrynotsorry), these fairy bread-style strawberries are everything. (via The Capitol Baker)


14. Hagelslag: How could we not mention fairy bread’s harder-to-pronounce cousin? If you’re willing to forgo the array of colors, chocolate sprinkles (or, let’s get wild here, chocolate shavings) are a Dutch favorite. One bite and you’ll understand why. (via Global Table Adventure)

Fairy Mug Cake

15. Fairy Bread Mug Cake: Cold bread not your thing? Warm up in fairy fashion with this mug cake recipe. (via Buzzfeed Oz)

Fairy Bread Pinata

Bonus! Fairy Bread Piñata: It ain’t a party without a piñata, and it ain’t a fairy bread party without fringe toast and pom pom “sprinkles.” Make this gorgeous piñata filled with actual fairy bread and get ready for minds to be blown. Meta has never tasted so magical. (via Studio DIY)

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