Fresh bread is our favorite, especially when it’s warm and smothered with our favorite jam. The only thing we don’t love? The exhaustive bread-making process. All the waiting and the kneading and using YEAST? Yikes. Thankfully, not every recipe requires super skills and tons of time. We combed the ‘net and discovered 13 no-knead bread recipes that anyone can make.


1. Buckwheat Rye Bread: If baking bread seems overwhelming, this hearty version might be your best bet. The instructions are simple, the ingredients are forgiving and the results are nothing short of delicious. (via The Awesome Green)


2. Brioche Brown Butter Buns: This indulgent recipe is our favorite way to wake up on weekends. Roll it out in the morning, make a simple brown butter glaze and enjoy these alongside a steaming cup of coffee. (via The Sugar Hit)


3. Nutella and Roasted Hazelnut Challah: There is Nutella baked right into this dough! This sweet bread makes a great dessert, but we can’t promise you’ll have enough willpower to resist eating it all as soon as it comes out of the oven. (via Steamy Kitchen)


4. Bacon Bread: The sweet and smokey flavor combinations in this loaf are bacon us crazy. (via Chez Catey Lou)


5. Oatmeal Bread: A hearty one-handed breakfast, this bread is the solution to your hectic mornings. The rolled oats keep you full until lunch time and the whole thing is ready in two hours from start to finish. (via Well Plated)


6. White Cheddar Bread: Since this dough needs to rest for 8-16 hours before baking, it’s the ultimate make-ahead recipe. Just plop it in your Dutch oven the next morning and you’ll be eating chewy white cheddar bread all day long. (via Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice)


7. Garlic Herb Bread: If you prefer your bread on the softer side, let it cool for five minutes and place in an unsealed ziplock bag to finish. If you’re the crunchy type, allow it to cool fully on a wire rack. Either way, the subtle Italian spices make this one a crowd pleaser. (via I Heart Eating)


8. Cinnamon English Muffins: Let butter melt on top of a thick slice of this english muffin bread and watch it pool in all the delectable nooks and crannies. Each bite is infused with cinnamon sugar for a breakfast bread so good you’ll have to stop your eyes from rolling to the back of your head. (via Foodie with Family)

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9. Ciabatta Bread: Take your sandwich game to the next level with thick homemade ciabatta bread. The bread has enough substance to hold all your favorite toppings but is still soft enough on the inside that something as simple as a drizzle of olive oil is all it needs before being devoured. (via Apricosa)


10. Rosemary Peasant Bread: Take a trip back in time and enjoy the simpler things in life. Infused with rosemary, this recipe has been around longer than us. (via The Gourmand Mom)


11. Cinnamon Pecan Loaf: All things fall rolled into a single loaf, this bread is packed with tart cranberries, toasted pecans and cinnamon. And since there is no added sugar, that means it’s totally healthy, right? (via The Sugar Hit)


12. Cheese Bread: With a cup of your favorite cheese in the dough, this bread is perfect for tomato soup dunking. Make personal-sized rolls or bake up one big loaf. (via The Tough Cookie)


13. Easy Skillet Bread: You know that cast iron skillet you never thought you would use? Well, it’s time to pull it out. This bread bakes entirely in a skillet, which gives it the perfect crispy crust. (via Baker Bettie)

Which one of these bread recipes are first on your list? Do you have an old favorite we should try next? Leave us a comment below!