8 Easy DIY Halloween Maternity Costumes
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8 Easy DIY Halloween Maternity Costumes

Real talk: Halloween is my favorite time of year. Why? Well, I love a theme party, I love making and I love dressing up in a creative costume. At Brit + Co, Halloween season is basically a 12-month affair.

This year, I was able to have some extra Halloween fun as we got into the spirit VERY early (umm, like March, early), when I was in my third trimester at 36 weeks and ready to pop! I got to take a spin at eight — yes, EIGHT — different maternity Halloween costumes for an afternoon. Yep, just another day at B+C HQ ;) Check out a behind-the-scenes look below!

Check out the creative results below and be sure to share your own DIY Halloween costumes with us by tagging @BritandCo on Instagram.

Prego Costume

First up, a grocery store spaghetti sauce staple. I honestly can’t believe we’ve never thought of this two-for-one pun Halloween maternity costume before. By mixing two amazing things — a pregnancy bump and spaghetti sauce — you create a Prego costume. Genius?! I think so ;)

Whip up this winner and let everyone savor your puntastic presence on All Hallow’s Eve.

Materials + Tools:

— red dress

— brown beret

— tan, red, green and black felt

— scissors

— hot glue gun


1. Cut out a long rectangle of tan felt. Hold it up to your chest and have someone measure the circumference of your belly.

2. Cut out the hole of your belly and adorn the area with tomato shapes, cut out of red and green felt.

3. Draw out the Prego letters onto black felt, cut out and glue to the top of the tan rectangle.

4. Hot glue the tan rectangle in place and finish off by gluing a green stem on top of your red baby bump.

Tropical Drink Emoji

We all LOVE emoji. We all LOVE cocktails (and mocktails too). So what better way to honor two of life’s treasures than with a DIY tropical drink emoji Halloween maternity costume? Hey, if you can’t imbibe during the nine months of pregnancy, you might as well poke fun at your sober situation with a cute boozy outfit while sipping on a nice cold can of La Croix, right? ;)

Quench your thirst for a spiked drink with this tech-inspired DIY Halloween costume below.

Materials + Tools:

— black dress

— white, tan, green, lime green and blue felt

— scissors

— hot glue


1. Draw out the shape of a cocktail glass onto white felt. Depending on your size, you will want the glass to start at your chest and the stem of the glass to end at your knees.

2. Following the curves of the glass, cut out tan felt to fill the inside and then a blue straw and green lime.

3. Hot glue all pieces together and then glue onto the dress.

Energizer Bunny

One major perk of having a baby bump? A built-in drum — for your first child to bang on and to make an Energizer Bunny costume quick and easy. This one was probably one of my favorites because I got to wear a onesie. I just wanted to keep going and going and going… ;)

Materials + Tools:

— pink onesie

— bunny ears

— blue flip flops

— dark sunglasses

— cardboard

— wood dowels

— white, blue, red and black felt


1. Create two half circles out of cardboard with the diameter being the height measurement of your belly.

2. Cover in white felt and connect the two cardboard pieces with a white felt band that is the same width as your belly.

3. Cut the Energizer letters out of black felt, along with blue and red strips of felt to decorate the drum.

4. Add a black strap to hold the drum around your neck and for it to sit over your belly.

5. Create red felt ends and hot glue onto the wooden dowels to create mallets for the drum.

Disco Ball

Dancin’, dancin’, dancin’… I’m a pregnant dancing machine! Sorry had to, but how could I not get a little disco-related pun in when dressed up as a giant disco ball?! If you’re a child of the ‘70s (or at least wish you were), this metallic, glittery and shimmery maternity costume is a must-make for you and your bump for Halloween party time.

Now press play on your Groovy Tunes Spotify playlist while making this dancehall decor outfit and get ready for disco fever, trick-or-treat style, all night long (or at least until your feet get too sore that you need to call it a night).

Materials + Tools:

— black tank top

— black bell bottoms

— sequin jacket

— shiny silver Lycra

— black netted material

— sewing machine

— scissors


1. Slip your black tank on and trace around the circumference of your belly, remove shirt and cut out the circle.

2. Cut a rectangle out of your silver and black netted fabric that is about 10 inches longer than the height of your belly and about three inches smaller than your waist.

3. Sew these two materials together to form a band. This will slide over your belly and peek out through the hole in your black tank.


2016 may be all about Netflix’s Stranger Things, but there’s an even bigger cult classic from the ‘80s that still is held near and dear to multiple generations hearts. That’s E.T. and Elliott! Recreate the unforgettable bike ride back to E.T.’s planet using your bump and a few bonus DIY supplies.

If you thought you couldn’t get the legendary phrase “E.T. phone home” out of your head before dressing up in this duo maternity costume, it will without a doubt never leave you post-Halloween.

Materials + Tools:

— red zip up sweatshirt

— posterboard

— cake piping

— jeans

— black, silver and brown duct tape

— rope

— ET doll

— white fabric


1. Cut out three pieces of your poster board to make the box shape for the basket (leaving the fourth side open so momma’s belly fits in) and tape together to hold the three sides together.

2. Apply the brown tape to create the basket look.

3. Cut the piping into the shape of the handlebars and tape together with the silver and black duct tape to create the look. These attach to the inside of the box with more tape.

4. Attach the rope to the box and then wear around your waist.

5. Place the white fabric around E.T. and set inside the box resting on your tummy.


This one might not be seasonally appropriate. I know all of you Northerners would like to push off the start of winter for as long as you possibly can, but who here hasn’t wanted to be Frosty the Snowman at least once in their life?! This Halloween, live your winter fantasy and calendar Timehop by turning into a snowman or snowwoman for the night with just a few materials.

Materials + Tools:

— white sweater

— white tutu

— red scarf

— black and orange felt

— leggings

— black mini hat

— hot glue and gun


1. Cut out the shapes of the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons, and hot glue to the sweater.

2. Cut the tiny hat in half and hot glue to your shoulder.

3. Tie the scarf around your upper belly to make the head and tummy separate.

4. Throw on your tutu and leggings!

Rainbow + Pot of Gold

Always curious what was at the end of a rainbow? On Halloween, it’s YOU! Whether you’re Irish, have always daydreamed about St. Patrick’s Day being celebrated once a month or you just really love color, make use of your baby belly by turning it into a pot of gold and adorning it with a rainbow. Everyone will be in awe while you’re doing a jig under a rainbow!

Materials + Tools:

— red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple felt

— black top

— white tutu

— gold plastic coins

— hot glue and gun

— white leggings

— rainbow wig


1. Braid wig to show off more of the shirt.

2. Cut out strips for a rainbow and then glue to the black shirt in formation.

3. Hot glue the coins to the top of the belly to make the pot of gold.

4. Place tutu at the base to create the cloud.

Bird Nest

As a pregnant lady you will soon be a mama bird, so why not indulge in that idea by laying eggs and hanging out in a bird’s nest all night long? With this costume, get ready to make some crazy noises while you get endless stare-downs on your way to becoming the early bird who gets all the Halloween candy.

Materials + Tools:

— inflatable raft tube

— cream sweater with fringe if possible

— hat base

— faux mulch

— face makeup

— faux beak

— spray glue

— feather lashes

— feathers

— hot glue and gun

— fashion tape


1. Spray glue the raft and then attach the mulch to it.

2. Paint an egg on your belly.

3. Hot glue feathers to the hat base and pin in your hair.

4. Apply a bird-like face mask with various face paint.

5. Attach the beak by using fashion tape to place it on your nose.

What will you be dressing up as this year for Halloween? Let me know on Twitter @brit. Looking for even more Halloween costume inspiration? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden + Misty Spinney

Photography: Chris Andre