Who says wedding season has to end with summer? Fall is a beautiful time to walk down the aisle, when the weather starts to cool down and the drinks start to heat up. And with these 10 wedding trends in your back pocket, your fall wedding will be the highlight of the season!

1. Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns: More than a few celebrity brides have opted for sleeves on their big day as of late, and it’s a trend that’s catching on for even mortal brides. Bonus: It can actually save you money, since there’s no need to to buy a bolero or cropped jacket. (via Kleinfeld Bridal)

2. Following the floral seasons: Flowers at a wedding, okay, that’s not a new trend. But what is on trend is incorporating what’s in season. By using what’s in season, not only will your fall wedding look more like a fall wedding, but you’ll also save a pretty penny as well. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

3. Pumpkin Centerpieces: Nothing says “fall wedding” like a pumpkin centerpiece. Mixing and matching different varieties of pumpkin is a great way to add flare and texture to your tables. And if guests take them home for the night, they can have you over for pumpkin soup later that week. (via Wedding Chicks)

4. Custom Confetti: Including a personalized element adds to the surprise and uniqueness of your big day. Plus… confetti is just so much fun! Going to a confetti expert (yes, they do exist) means you can customize your colors. (via The Confetti Bar)

5. Naked Wedding Cake: Definition: a cake not covered in frosting. You thought this has something to do with the wedding night, didn’t you? Nope! Most of these stunning confections are adorned with fresh fruit or flowers, keeping the look organic and rustic. (via Wedding Chicks)

6. Hot Drinks: Spiked or virgin, there’s nothing like a DIY hot-cider bar to keep guests happy and entertained during cocktail hour or throughout the night. Apple cider with a cinnamon stick to stir is perfection, and the pics will go straight to Pinterest! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

7. All-Nighter Weddings: It’s fall; the days are shorter, which means the nights are longer. Have a late-night after-party. This works well for weddings with a mixed list of elderly guests and close friends and college buddies, who wouldn’t think of leaving until the last song. Having a late-night snack always helps keep things rolling. (via Ruffled)

8. Leaves: While the leaves are falling off the trees, their color and shape are a great element to add to any wedding. This lasagna takes the cake for reception food. The secret? Pasta colored with beet and carrot puree and shaped with cookie cutters. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

9. A Hint of Metallic: With the right (light) touch, subtle metallic and a few sparkly flashes can transform your wedding day, whether it’s on the invitation or the place settings. The little details will truly make your big day shine. (via Style Me Pretty)

10. Getting Social With It: Wedding hashtags aren’t exactly new, but we have a feeling they’re here to stay… and we’re not sad about that. You won’t be either when you wake up the next morning to see all of those photos from your friends and family nicely organized in one spot for your viewing pleasure. (via Ruffled)

What trend are you looking forward to for fall weddings? Leave your comment below.