It’s no secret that all things cosmic totally captivate us here at Brit + Co. Whether it’s our natal charts, the moon’s nodes or our rising signs, these planetary particulars (and their supposed effect on us) are endlessly fascinating. In that vein, we were obviously super psyched — and a little tickled — when we learned that the Farmer’s Almanac has an entire calendar outlining the “best days to” do a variety of tasks, based on the zodiac and lunar phases. So whether you’re just cosmically curious or someone who hates making decisions, there’s no doubt you’re going to want to mark down these dates.

The farmer’s almanac

The soothsaying yearly reference book dates back to 1792 and has remained continually in print since — farmers, gardeners, and weather enthusiasts alike obsess over it every year. The almanac lists weather predictions, moon phases, planting charts, tidal calendars, and articles on astrology, meteorology, astronomy, and gardening.

How the “Best Days” calendar works

In addition to all that content, the almanac also publishes a Best Days calendar — a collection of dates they’ve deemed the most beneficial to perform certain activities based on the moon’s phase, its place in the sky, and its current relationship to the major zodiac constellations. Publishers won’t give many more details on how they come up with these dates (the only thing cooler than science is secret science!).

What it can tell you

The Best Days calendar can tell you the best day to cut your hair, buy a car, brew beer, get married, travel, and wash your windows. Apparently, the first and second quarter moon phases are best for anything that requires “strength, fertility and growth,” while the third and fourth quarters are “best for harvesting and slowing growth.” Hey, when it comes to our (seemingly constant) bang trims, we’ll take whatever advice we can get! For example, the next best days to begin a diet to lose weight are October 16, November 8, November 12, December 9, and December 14. While the next best days to cut your hair to encourage growth are October 30, October 31, November 3, November 26, and November 27.

Check out all the upcoming dates here.

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