With all this solar eclipse talk over the summer, we’ve got the moon on our minds, especially as it relates to our astrological forecasts (hey, we like what we like!). We’ve already covered how our rising signs affect our personality and how the zodiac houses work, but did you know that the moon affects our lives just as much as those other cosmic entities? And by lives, we mean past lives. Read on to learn how astrology uses the moon’s nodes to divine who we used to be.

the two lunar nodes

Just as your unique natal chart maps out how the planets, houses, and signs aligned at the time of your birth to determine your personality and life’s path, your chart also includes the north and south lunar nodes. Lunar nodes are points where the moon’s path crosses the sun’s path. You can enter your birth info into the chart on the Astro Twins’ website to get yours.

These two points are mathematical markings on your chart and fall in opposing signs of the zodiac. For instance, if your north node is in Aries, your south node will be in Libra. And while your north node reveals your karmic path for this lifetime (your destiny), your south node tells you what karmic baggage (both good and bad!) you may be bringing in from previous lifetimes.

Nodes change signs about every 18 months, continually going around the zodiac, which means that we all belong to a tribe of like-minded souls who share our lunar lineup.

North Node

Your north node is here to guide you to your calling in this lifetime. It’s meant to help push you outside your comfort zone to reach ultimate fulfillment, both personally and professionally. For example, let’s say you have a north node in Virgo. This suggests your true calling in this lifetime has to do with serving others in some way. By digging into what your north node represents, you have the power to truly align your life with its higher purpose.

South Node

If your north node is there to push you out of your comfort zone, your south node acts as a respite from all that challenging work. It is, after all, where you’ll find your past lives, and what’s more comforting than hanging out in what you’ve known (over and over again)? It’s thought that by analyzing the aspects of your south node, you can get an idea of who you were and what you did in your past lives. South node in Leo? Maybe you used to be an actor or musician. You can use this info to understand how it’s shaped you in this lifetime. If your south node is in Sagittarius, that could explain why you feel most like yourself when you’re traveling, always feeling that wanderlust itch.

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