Remember when the iPhone didn’t even offer apps? Yeah, things have changed a whole lot in the past handful of years. Now there’s an app for everything — the weather, your planner, DIYs… the options are seriously endless. But sometimes the number of apps in the store can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in. If you’re totally swamped in fashion apps and don’t know which one to choose, scroll through our favorites to find the perfect fashion app for you.

The Bargain Hunter


1. HauteLook: Who doesn’t love a good bargain? HauteLook is a flash sale app that offers sales up to 75% off. Score great deals on fashion, lifestyle and beauty products. What’s not to love? (Free on iOS and Android)


2. BANK Fashion: On the hunt for a serious deal? The BANK Fashion app has the latest fashion at your fingertips where you can browse the hottest deals. Plus, it also offers style advice, fashion tips and trend features. You’re welcome. (Free on iOS and Android)


3. Pose: If you’re searching for the ideal vintage find, Pose is the app for you. Sell your own items or purchase others’ pieces. Sign us up! (Free on iOS and Android)

The Fashion Forecaster


4. Trendstop: We know, we know. You love finding the latest fashion and staying on top of the trends. That’s why Trendstop is a must-have for you. (Free on iOS and Android)


5. Fashion Days: In the mood to discover some serious fashion finds? Get your daily dose of fashion inspo and try out Fashion Days, the number one fashion app in Europe. (Free on iOS and Android)

The Outfit Planner


6. ClosetSpace: We’re total suckers for a good outfit planning app. ClosetSpace lets you create and plan outfit ideas for any occasion. (Free on iOS and Android)


7. WearToday: Okay, we’re semi-obsessed with this app. Not only does it have a self-timer to take the best outfit pics, but it also has a one-of-a-kind closet feature. They organize what you wear and when you wear it, so you’re never caught being an outfit repeater. (Free on iOS)

The Browser


8. Keep: Got a slight shopping addiction? No prob, us too. Buy anything from anywhere with Keep. (Free on iOS)


9. The Hunt: The absolute worst feeling is seeing someone wear a piece that you love but having no idea where it’s from. The Hunt is a community of fashion lovers that help each other find the latest trends and clothes that you want (no, need) in your closet now. (Free on iOS and Android)


10. WEAR: WEAR is an all-in-one app. Get inspiration from others, connect with trendsetters (like yourself) and shop your faves. It doesn’t get any better. (Free on iOS and Android)


11. Polyvore: Discover and shop for your favorite things on Polyvore. This app offers outfit AND home inspiration, for when you’re in need of a LBD or a pillow to accent your brand new couch. (Free on iOS and Android)


12. Looking to brighten up your home and look? Check out the app to browse, discover and save on great deals. Oh, and there’s free shipping for orders over $75! (Free on iOS and Android)

The Man


13. JackThreads: Looking for an app for the man in your life? JackThreads is a must-try. They feature a broad range of pieces that will suit anyone’s style. (Free on iOS and Android)

So what’s the perfect fashion app for you? Tell us in the comments below.