In most parts of the country, it may not feel anything like summer, but believe it or not, it’s coming up. For us tech lovers, that means one thing (besides outdoor fiestas) — WWDC. At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple is rumored to launch the iPhone 7 and maybe even a bendable phone a la #Bendgate. Say what? Now we’re going to look at what innovations could be going down beneath your touchscreen with iOS 9.


1. The update is named Monarch: It’s named after a Colorado ski resort, but we prefer to think of it as the regal butterfly. (via 9to5 Mac)


2. Amped stability: Finally! According to 9to5 Mac, Apple will be focusing much of this next update on optimizing for a better user experience. With more stability, your device will run with fewer glitches and spontaneous freezes… because we all love those, right? NOT. And sure, we get uber pumped about flashy design updates, but it doesn’t really matter much if they don’t work. Apple is debugging to make all of those features from iOS 8 and before run even better. (via 9to5 Mac)


3. Low-impact OS: By keeping the size of this new OS in check, your device won’t fill up after a few pictures or die from working so hard. If you’re currently running iOS 8 on a 16GB iPhone 5, you know how annoying it can be when your OS takes up five whole gigabytes. Heads up though: 9to5 Mac predicts that this may mean the OS will be limited to newer devices. (via Extreme Tech)


4. Beats streaming: Rumor has it that this cloud-based streaming service could actually come out with iOS 8.4 after the release of the Apple Watch, but with iOS 9 just on the horizon, Apple may just push this feature to their release at WWDC. Our next question is what this will mean for Spotify. And, do we get free Beats headphones with our next phone? Please and thank you. (photo via Curved)


5. New emoji: We’re revving up this rumor right now in hopes that it comes true. That’s how rumors work, right? There are so many great third-party emoji keyboards out there, and we think Apple should pay an insane amount of money for them so we can have fun new emojis like IKEA Swedish meatballs on our native keyboard. (via 9to5 Mac)

Overall, it’s looking like this update will be less flashy, but totally necessary. With all of the fun new features added to iOS 8, even we can admit that we lost sight of how our lifelines smartphones function under pressure. Especially with the release of Apple Watch coming up fast, we can all agree that it’s best to have some stability before Apple brings a wearable into their hardware party.

What do you want to see on iOS9? Let us know in the comments!