Not quite singin鈥 in the rain when the sky suddenly turns black and a torrential downpour hits your fair city? For those who yearn to be ever-prepared, we鈥檝e got your back in the form of 20 helpful聽weather apps. Whether you鈥檙e a 鈥渏ust gimme the basics鈥 type of person, a borderline meteorologist or even a proud crazy cat lady (yup, cat lady), there鈥檚 a forecast app that鈥檒l have you re-enacting the scene from the famous musical.

1. Yahoo Weather: Winner of the Apple 2013 Design Award, this app is as pretty as it is useful. Based on what鈥檚 going on outside, the backdrop changes to a gorg Flickr picture to reflect current conditions. How cool is it that? You just have to glance at a photo to know if it鈥檚 foggy or rainy or sunny. While the app let鈥檚 you geek out with weather stats, it鈥檚 also just a simple, yet accurate and nicely designed app. (Free on iOS and Android)

2. The Effing Weather: Does the idea of having an app that informs you about the weather while simultaneously providing you with your daily laugh tickle your fancy? If it鈥檚 鈥渆ffing cold outside,鈥 this app will let you know in those exact words. And while keeping you updated on the effing dealings of Mother Nature, this app lets you customize your background and share your local forecast with all your homies on good ol鈥 Facebook. (Free on iOS)

3.聽Rain Alarm: Have you ever uttered the words, 鈥淚 wish I had a gadget that would let me know when the sky is gonna do that black magic thing where it starts raining when the sun is shining?鈥 You don鈥檛 ever have to have that thought again thanks to this neat weather app. When rain is impending, it lets you know with a quick alert. If you wanna know more, like how long this unwanted guest plans to stay, simply open the app for more detailed info about that pesky rain cloud. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

4.聽 This guy features great design and easy-to-understand maps and charts. If you really just want an app that does its job in the prediction department, and that isn鈥檛 clunky or difficult to navigate, this is a dream come true. (Free on聽Android)

5. NOAA Radar Pro: Like having your local weather channel in your pocket, NOAA comes complete with radar updates on any location(s) you set. ($1.99 on iOS)

6. UNIQLO WAKE UP: Picture this: You鈥檙e bleary-eyed, just stirring from sweet, sweet dreamland. Your eyes will scream (yes, they will make audible noises) if you pick up your brighter-than-bright phone to check the forecast. What do you do? Install this awesomely cool app. Not only does it serve as an alarm clock, but it wakes you up with a different song based on what the weather鈥檚 like that day. Happiness in a single download!

7. Dark Sky: No need for a PhD in meteorology to understand what鈥檚 happening up above, Dark Sky makes the intricacies of weather reading as easy as 1, 2, 3. And, it looks good doing it, too. ($3.99 on iOS)

8.聽TheVane: TheVane isn鈥檛 just about keeping you up to date on weather charts, it鈥檚 also about appealing to your 鈥渧ain鈥 side. Along the current temps and conditions, this rad app makes outfit suggestions for you based on what nature鈥檚 up to. It even helps you pack your bag with appropriate outfits for your next travel destination. Basically, this app was made for the Brit + Co girl or guy. (Free on聽iOS)

9.聽Weather Puppy: This takes 鈥渋t鈥檚 raining cats and dogs鈥 to a whole new level. With聽Weather Puppy, the dog of your choosing (including your own pup, if you feel so inclined) changes throughout the day to let you know in a snap what it鈥檚 like outdoors. With聽Weather Kitty, it鈥檚 all the same, but with a cute kitten keeping you informed. Either way, this paw-some app has us ooh-ing, but mostly aww-ing. (Free on聽iOS)

10.聽AccuWeather: A solid and, as the name describes, accurate app, this one gives you minute-by-minute weather updates and quick and easy access to all the need-to-knows, such as humidity percentage, wind speed and more. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

11. Swackett: You know us, we love anything and everything creative, and this app certainly falls into that category. Most weather apps will show you the temperature and conditions on the main page. Swackett tells you what it鈥檚 like in the world just outside your door with a little character who has on a different outfit based on the weather (don鈥檛 worry, temps are also included). If it鈥檚 cold, he/she might be rocking a hoodie and jeans. If it鈥檚 sunny, a fun tee and cargo shorts. And this isn鈥檛 even the best thing about this app. The best thing is that it sort of functions like a personal assistant. Tell it some of your favorite activities, and when the weather is just right for one of them, it鈥檒l let you know. (Free on iOS and Android)

12.聽Clear Day: Hey, it may be raining outside, but Clear Day is set on making you feel good about it with really pretty backdrops that change according to the forecast. (Free on聽iOS)

13.聽Weather Underground: This app tells you EVERYthing you need to know about your surroundings. Not only can you discover your current weather conditions at the touch of a button, it also lets you report on local happenings for other users. On top of that, Weather Underground shows the air quality, pollen count and any illnesses that are going around wherever you may be. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

14. Weather Whiskers: Weather as told by fashionably clad cats 鈥 puuuurtttty sure it doesn鈥檛 get better than that. (Free iOS on Android)

15.聽Weather Dial 2: Sleek. Simple. Smart. All the things you want in an app, especially when that app gives you the lowdown on what nature plans to do next. ($2.99 on聽iOS)

16. Beautiful Weather: Tricked out with music, hilarious animations and local and global weather at-a-glance, this app is a great go-to middle ground between geeky weather downloads and entertainment-only purposes (ahem, Weather Whiskers). (Free on iOS)

17. Authentic Weather: Like Effing Weather, Authentic Weather is all about telling it like it is, in the most explicit terms possible. If you鈥檙e prone to cursing when the weather doesn鈥檛 suit your needs, listen carefully, and you can probably hear it whispering to you in the wind. ($1.99 on iOS)

18. 1Weather: This Android-only app receives glowing reviews from users and app-raters alike, and after seeing the array of background choices and its precise and up-to-date weather predictions, we have to give it the Brit + Co stamp of approval, too. (Free on Android)

19.聽Lumy: Remember when we featured聽this neato app聽a few days ago? Well, we鈥檙e still smitten. It updates you on the weather all while notifying you of the perfect 鈥済olden opportunity鈥 (aka when the natural lighting is just right) for capturing a stunning photo. ($1.99 on聽iOS)

20. Poncho: Only available in a few lucky East Coast cities, this service will send you funny, punny personalized text messages that tip you off to what to expect (and sometimes, what to wear) that day. Tell it what time you wake up and what you like to do, and we guarantee you鈥檒l rise with a smile. Even when it鈥檚 telling you it鈥檚 too damn cold for its own good out there.

Which weather-telling tool has you racing to the app store? Share your favorites with us below!