On Tuesday Night, President Trump gave a speech to the joint members of congress, and while many are talking about how he did and what he said, the women of the Democratic caucus subtly threw shade at the administration’s policy with what they wore. When Hilary Clinton conceded after her loss in November, she wore green and purple, colors of the suffragette movement. The other major color that suffragettes wore was white, to show that they were present and active in public life. The women of the Democratic Women’s Working Group took this color into the house last night to give President Trump a visual representation of their disagreement with his policies, and it spoke volumes.

Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Sitting alongside each other, the 66 members of the group all wore white to send a message to the President that they will actively work against the policies that his office has either enacted or said they would enact which the caucus feels are detrimental to women’s rights. In an announcement before the speech, the group released a statement to point out exactly what they take issue with within the current administration.

While the news media break down exactly what was said during the speech, it’s great to see the women of the Democratic Women’s Working Group going to work to ensure that all women have basic rights and that we don’t have anything taken away from us. How they will achieve their goals remains to be seen, but their fight is one that all of us should be grateful for.

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(h/t Jezebel; Photos via Win McNamee + Alex Wong/Getty)