Sure, we love a good fashion-week street style photo or snapshots of runway looks, but sometimes we want to see the latest runway trends in motion. So instead of sitting through an entire runway collection video, why not watch little clips of the best looks instead? Say hello to Fashion Week Vines, our new BFF. The six-second videos are perfect for capturing looks as they come down the runway. And in just a matter of seconds, you can get a sense of a designer’s entire aesthetic and feel like you’re sitting front row right next to Anna Wintour. You’ll even get some behind-the-scenes action too! Get your smartphone ready and check out the top 13 Viners to follow for New York Fashion Week .

1. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: The official Vine of the event that everyone’s talking about, this is obviously a must-follow for the latest NYFW runway action. Get backstage access and a behind-the-scenes look into everything it takes to put on Fashion Weeks around the world.

2. Calvin Klein: Maybe we’ll keep a sneak peek of what Calvin Klein plans on sending down the runway and whether or not it includes Justin Beiber. We’re thinking it probably won’t, but we definitely want to be the first to find out.

3. Kirna Zabete: We’re sure this New York City boutique that specializes in cutting edge, high-end designers will be at NYFW scoping out the all the new wares for their store. Whether or not you can afford what they pick, there’s no denying that they have quite an eye for what looks good.

4. MTV Style: We can’t wait to see what the snarky folks behind this Vine have to say about the styles that will be premiering at NYFW. Whatever it is, it’ll be different than the other fashion Vines.

5. Marc Jacobs: The brand’s slightly quirky style definitely comes through in its Vines, and we just can’t get enough. We could stare at Marc Jacobs’ flamingos all day on loop.

6. Elizabeth Holmes: Elizabeth’s last Vine was of Kate Middleton. As style reporter for the Wall Street Journal, we’re thinking she’ll be getting VIP access to NYFW.

7. DKNY PR Girl: She hasn’t Vined in awhile, but with DKNY showing at NYFW, we’re thinking she might make a comeback. After all, she lives and breathes social media.

8. Lucky Magazine: While under the leadership of social-media maven Eva Chen, Lucky magazine has been all over digital media. We’ll be watching their Vine to see what commentary they have to add to all the fashion madness.

9. Eva Chen: Speaking of the EIC, her own social media outlets are a must-follow for anyone interested in fashion. She’ll definitely be covering the NYFW action using every platform at her disposal.

10. Sally Holmes: As Online Senior News Editor for ELLE magazine and an active Viner, Sally should have some strong opinions on NYFW. And when it comes to fashion, strong opinions are just what we’re looking for.

11. A Fashion Nerd: Amy Roiland has a style all her own, and we love seeing what outfits she puts together next. This fashion blogger is bound to have something interesting to say when it comes to Fashion Week.

12. Meagan Cignoli: Meagan takes Vine to the next level and has made a career of creating captivating Vines for some of the top fashion and beauty brands in the world. Her Vines show just what the new medium is capable of.

13. Paper Fashion: While she’s not a fashion blogger, editor or designer, Katie Rodgers is an amazing artist. Her stunning Vines are exactly what you want to watch when you’re in the NYFW mood.

Which fashion maven Viners do you follow? Let us know in the comments!

(Feature photo via Joern Pollex/Getty Images for IMG)