Our health obsession with coconut oil may have just been taken to the limit. The team behind Bulletproof Coffee, who makes their not-so-average cup of Joe extra jolted with an added blend of special clarified butters and oils, has announced a new product to their line of buzzed about, trendy beverages: FATwater. Essentially, FATwater is a new, sugarless energy drink made of a fusion of coconut oil and purified water, with some added flavor like orange, lemon and berry. Yep, this water has fat it in and you’ll want to drink it. Here’s why:


FATwater allows you to consume special oils and fats that your body can easily break down and turn into energy, which is why this stuff is being touted as an energy drink. The key ingredient is XCT oil, which is in both FATwater and Bulletproof Coffee. It’s basically the superfood equivalent of oils (it’s like coconut oil+ because it contains even more crazy-good benefits), so you def get more out of FATwater than your average tap source. These special oils actually contain Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which are “healthy” fats, like the kinds found in salmon and avocados, and are what our bodies break down and turn into energy. Thanks to all the added benefits you get after drinking this stuff, FATwater could become your new gym bag bestie.


Yeah, it may seem weird, (so is Bulletproof Coffee and that stuff still has tons of caffeine-fueled followers), but considering it’s hard to find a beverage that doesn’t contain sugar but still offers you increased energy and stamina, you might reach for a FATwater the next time you want something sugarless with a kick. Also, don’t forget that people guzzle down other seemingly bizarre yet beneficial-to-your-bod drinks like kombucha, which has millions of living, visibly floating probiotics in it. People drink and do questionable things in the name of greater energy and improved health. That being said, don’t forget to properly hydrate with good, old-fashioned water; there’s no new beverage that could ever replace H2O.

Are you going to give FATwater a try? Are you a fan of Bulletproof Coffee? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

(h/t Glamour; featured photo + photos via @drinkfatwater)