They change diapers and they put band-aids on skinned knees. They’re our dads and we love ’em. And we’d like them to stay as happy and healthy as can be. That’s why we’ve rounded up 14 awesome gift ideas, big and small, to keep dear old Dad in fighting form. So, write a heartfelt note on the perfect Father’s Day card and then give Pops a gift that lets him know you want to keep him around for plenty more Father’s Days to come.


1. Custom NIKEiD Running Shoes ($140): If running’s his workout of choice and he does it often, those sneaks are gonna wear out from time to time. And even if he’s got a favorite pair he swears by, it’ll be tough to turn down a fully customized pair of runners from Nike, especially since you (or he) can have a special message designed on the tongue. The line comes in a wide range of base models and color combinations, and there are a total of four upper and outsole fit types to choose from on every model as well. With that many choices, there’s no way he won’t end up with the shoes of his dreams by the time the process is through.


2. Hock Design Rotator 2 Jump Rope ($200): Have you got a hipster dad on your hands? If he’s down for raising his heart rate in the name of good health, he’ll love this artisanal German jump rope made of sustainable wood, stainless steel and Italian leather. Bonus points if he can remember those schoolyard jump rope chants from way back when and busts out with one every once in a while as he gets his cardio on.


3. Brokeone Custom Bike ($450): Maybe your favorite bearded dude is in the market for a fixed-gear bike. If so, Broke Bikes makes a sweet custom line with 14 customizable parts and eight colors to choose from. Made of 4130 Chromoly steel and covered by a two-year warranty, this investment should put a big smile on his face — and some wind in his hair too.


4. Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boots ($189): Fitness doesn’t have to be about super intense training and crash diets. In fact, just walking more can add years to our lives and strengthen our hearts immeasurably. If the dad in your life is a nature lover or just a fan of the great outdoors, a solid pair of hiking boots might be the perfect incentive to get him out on the trails and at one with himself.

from Brit Shop

5. Adventure Food Flask ($27): If he ventures out for more than a couple hours on his hikes, he’s gonna get hungry. So why not give him a thematic thermos that’s perfect for holding a hearty, nourishing soup or stew? The stainless-steel cap doubles as a bowl or cup so he can maintain some semblance of civilized behavior when he’s out there chowing down in the wild.


6. SipaBoard ($1,750): Stand-up paddleboarding being the popular pastime that it is, enthusiasts are finding new ways to up the ante on paddling gear. SipaBoards, for one, are dual-layered inflatable boards with an integrated jet engine and compressor, plus wireless controls on the paddle, a charging cable for batteries and a carrying backpack. It’s a splurge for sure, but he’ll have the slickest board on the lake by a mile.


7. OMsignal ($249): Dad always say he’s gonna work out but doesn’t follow through? This biometric smart compression shirt will totally get him active. All he has to do is throw the long, short- or no-sleeve top on, start a cardio workout and his breathing, heart rate, calories and more will be measured and synched via the company’s app. Not only will this workout gear step up his physical health, but it will totally increase his style game as well.


8. Speed Bag Kit ($80): Few workouts are more satisfying — and ultimately cathartic — than a good round of boxing. For a classic Rocky experience, go straight to the source and give Dad a speed bag kit from Everlast so he can get all his aggression out at the end of those tough days.

Apple Watch

9. Apple Watch Sport ($399): The ultimate fitness wearable for the Apple enthusiast, the Apple Watch is available in five colors and two sizes (the smaller runs $349), and comes complete with a heart-rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. In other words, dear old Dad can kiss that sad pedometer goodbye.


10. Atlas Wristband ($249): While the Apple Watch has its fair share of enthusiasts, a tech startup in Austin has spent the past couple of years concocting what it considers to be an even smarter watch. Using a machine learning algorithms and a form of 3D mapping technology, it can actually identify what exercise you’re doing — whether it’s lunges, jumping jacks or burpees — and can even suggest corrections to your form. Of course, it’s got all the standard bells and whistles too, from a heart rate monitor to a pedometer. In short, it’s kind of like a personal trainer for your wrist.


11. Jawbone UP MOVE ($50): For the no-fuss dad who doesn’t want to wear anything on his wrist during a workout, there’s the Jawbone Up Move, which clips wherever he’d like and packs a serious punch too. It syncs with a Smartphone for activity and sleep tracking, food logging and even a “smart coach” feature that dishes out fitness advice. Not bad for fifty bucks, huh?


12. ClassPass ($79/month): Those of us lacking something in the motivation department can usually be swayed by two things: positive peer pressure and money. The beauty of ClassPass, the popular, all-access fitness class subscription service, is that you essentially pay for workouts in advance, and if you flake, there’s a late fee. With a wide range of studios, classes and fitness opportunities available around the world through the inventive program, it’s nearly impossible not to find something that fits.


13. Graze ($6.99 or $11.99 per box): For the snacker who means well but can’t help grazing throughout the day, there’s now a subscription service for that — a healthy one, that is. Graze delivers boxes of four or eight treats right to your door, letting you choose from 100 nutritionist-approved recipes with no high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, trans fats or artificial ickiness. For calorie counters, under-150-calorie snacks are available, and every recipe has earned a stamp identifying it as low-calorie, whole grain, equal to a half-serving of fruit or a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber or protein. So sign the man up already!

Standing Desk

14. Sit to Stand Up Desk ($350): We’ve all heard by now how detrimental sitting at a desk all day is to our health and longevity. So why not help your favorite dad take a stand? This 60-inch, crank-adjustable desk accommodates both sitting and standing with a few turns of a lever, so Dad can take his time ramping up to longer periods of time on his feet. It’s been said that standing desks improve productivity too, so who knows? You just might help the man earn himself a raise.

What health-conscious gift are you getting the dad in YOUR life this Father’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below!