20 Funny Father’s Day Cards for Dads Who Are Rad
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20 Funny Father’s Day Cards for Dads Who Are Rad

Folks, Father’s Day is coming up quickly and it’s time to start prepping your best puns, hamburger buns, and something fun! Start off the day with one of these 20 funny cards and you’ll have instant favorite child status… at least until your little brother flies across the country for a surprise Father’s Day visit armed with a bootleg Pink Floyd album on vinyl. Tough break ;)

1. You Are My Father ($7): We’ll kick things off with a little nerd cred. The only thing that would improve this card would be an audio track of Chris Farley doing his Darth Vader impression in a fan in Tommy Boy.

2. For Killing Spiders ($4): There are so many things to thank your pops for, but few things beat dealing with creepy, crawly, is-that-a-brown-recluse spiders.

3. Favorite Child ($4): Shhh, we won’t tell anyone.

4. You Are Awful ($5): Not specifically a Father’s Day card, we think most dads would get a kick out of the dark (but pretty darn light) humor of this card.

5. Best Dad Ever in 3D ($7): In case you missed this 3D goodness for Mother’s Day, there’s a Father’s Day version too!

6. Not a Chicken ($5): You can always thank your dad for the things that you did not turn out to be :)

7. Crap ($4): We know. Gross but true.

8. Beardy ($5): This silly card plays to our general love of things bearded – or is that just me? ;)

9. A Gentleman and a Scholar ($4): This beautiful card is for the classy dad, both a gentleman and a scholar.

10. For Teaching Me To Drive ($4): Sure, you only knew how to parallel park the day of your driving test but at least your old man got you that far.

11. Manly Stuff ($4): Remember when your dad made you help him redo all the kitchen cabinets? You’re welcome.

12. Bomb Pop ($5): We’re not sure why we haven’t seen more puns on “pops” on the Father’s Day card scene. Pops love puns!

13. Pony ($2): Take this Father’s Day to finally ask for that pony.

14. Darth and Luke ($5): Another Star Wars play? Of course! And this time, spare hands are on the line. Who better to ask advice about a new body part than your faaaa-ther?

15. Grillmaster ($4): Now you can officially give dad the title he’s been claiming for 20 years.

16. 8 Bit Gamer ($4): This is just plain fun, and perfect for dads who double as gamers.

17. Awesomeness ($4): Your general awesomeness? You can thank your old man for that.

18. Dad You Are Rad ($5): We have to give props to the rhyming stylings of this card, which inspired this article’s title!

19. #1 Dad ($4): Just be sure to accompany this card with an actual burger ;)

20. You Were Right ($4): You hate to admit it, but you know it’s true.

What will you give the dads in your life for Father’s Day this year? Which of the silly cards on this list is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.