To bang or not to bang? That is the question. Tousled, blunt, or side-swept, the face-framing style has been on all of our beauty bucket lists at one point or another. Actually committing to the chop is a whole other story, though. If you’re not ready to make the cut, we have the ultimate celeb-approved secret for you: faux bangs. With the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski stepping out with a perfectly coiffed (and totally temporary) look, it is high time this hair hack is shared with the world. With the help of some of the industry’s top stylists, we teach you how to accomplish the must-try trend. (Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty)

How to Achieve a faux bang hairstyle

Kendall Jenner rocking a faux bangs hairstyle.

There are two main ways to wear a faux fringe. The first option is to use what your mama gave you with an updo. You start by putting the hair up into a high ponytail,” celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons, who works with Kendall Jenner (pictured above), Hailey Baldwin, and Ashley Graham, says. Divide a small section of your ponytail and pull it toward the front of your head to create the bangs. Hold the ends in place, fold the mid-length area between your faux fringe and your roots back toward your ponytail, and pin in place near the elastic. Wrap the rest of the ponytail around the base. “Try not to make it look too perfect, though,” Fitzsimons says, noting that this style looks especially stunning with natural-looking flyaways in front of the ears and around the bun. (Photo via Jason Merritt/ Getty)

Another option is to use a clip-in faux bang. “I actually think it looks better than real bangs because you can choose the weight and style,” says Kérastase celebrity stylist Jennifer Yepez. For a flawless finish, part your tresses down the middle, spray hairspray along your hairline (extending halfway back toward your crown), and pin the face-framing strands in place about one inch away from each side of your part. Arrange the faux fringe along your hairline and clip it into place when it looks just right. “If you want to create a shorter bang, clip it farther from the hairline; and if you want a longer bang, do the opposite,” says Yepez, who works with Emily Ratajkowski (shown rocking a clip-in fringe above), Laura Harrier, and Salma Hayek. Once secured, finish with hairspray to give the fleeting style a bit more hold. (Photo via Andreas Rentz/ Getty)

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