Bangs aren’t anything new, but they can totally change your whole look in an instant. Whether you’ve been rockin’ them for years or are new to the club, everyone who’s ever had ’em knows it can get boring with the same old hairdo every day. But have no fear! We’ve found great styles for all kinds of bangs — short, medium and long. Check out these 12 fun, chic ways to wear your bangs this year and get ready to be hair-spired.


1. Blunt Bangs: If you’re serious about getting bangs, these blunt-cut ones make a bold statement. Flat iron the ends under slightly in the morning and set with a lightweight hairspray to make sure your they stay in place all day (without turning into a hard, crusty helmet). (via A Beautiful Mess)

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2. Side Bangs: Not into having that much hair in your face? Swoop your those locks over for a more polished look. Blow dry them for volume, brush ’em to the side and add a good amount of hairspray for an all-day (and night) hold. (Photo via Ilya S. Savenok/Getty)


3. Front Roll: If your bangs are on the longer side, this is a great way to add a little retro flair for a night out. Just tease the roots, roll and pin for an instant vixen transformation. (via Barefoot Blonde)

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4. Curly Bangs: It’s time to embrace the curl ALL over. Get these playful curls by winding small sections of hair around a thin curling iron and holding them in place until they are super defined and tight. (Photo via Bryan Bedder/Getty)


5. Inverted Bang Braid: This one’s for you gals with long-ish bangs. While the front braid has been around for a while, this one is great ’cause it doesn’t pull all that hair away from your forehead. Plus, the style looks best as the day goes on and things get a little messy. (via Twist Me Pretty)


6. Eye Grazing: If you can get over the feeling of having something in front of your face all day, these are excellent because there’s no wrong way for them to lay — so they always look great. (via Oh Joy)


7. Disappearing Act: Curious what you’d look like without bangs, or just want to change things up for the day? Make them disappear with a little help from your curling wand. (via Brit + Co)

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8. Parted: Not every change has to be drastic and life altering — sometimes, just parting your bangs right after your morning shower can put a whole new perspective on your day. (Photo via Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty)


9. Bumped Up: For an #Iwokeuplikethis, no-fuss style, just tease and brush your bangs away from your face and set ’em with your heavy-duty hairspray. (via Brit + Co)

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10. Cascading Swoop: We think Ri-Ri is pretty much the queen of hair, and here’s another case to prove our point. Just use a blow dryer and a wide brush to get this cascading swoop bang that’s oh-so-romantic. It might just be the perfect ‘do for this Valentine’s Day. (Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty)


11. Pinned Back: There are some days when you just need your bangs off your face, but that doesn’t mean you have to look or feel like a slob. Pin ’em back with purpose. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Soft Swoop: For mid-length to long bangs, the soft swoop is your best bet. Perfectly sculpted, this style will transition from work to cocktail hour, no sweat. Simply use your hot iron to curl away from your face and add lightweight hairspray for a natural, flowy hold. (via The Small Things Blog)

Which style will help you start out the new year with a bang? Talk to us below!