We’re busting our buns to create DIY gifts, all sorts of sweet treats and, of course, colorful decor for this holiday season. And you know what we turn to time and time again? The art of the garland. It’s a quick and easy way to add a beautiful touch of cheer to your mantel, Christmas tree or even just your wall. We teamed up with Velcro Industries to create a garland of gifts, ornaments and trees… all made out of felt. The best part? You can make your own garland just like this in under 30 minutes. Follow along to see how it’s done.

And guess what else? We’re feeling spirited, so we’ve teamed up with Velcro Industries to give away $250 of cold hard cash (well, actually a gift card!) as well as $100 of VELCRO® Brand Products. How cool is that?

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Now, how’s about we make these garlands? ;)

 – blue, green and red felt sheets (1 of each color per garland)

– red and white baker’s twine

– circle, square and triangle template (download and print ours right here)

– VELCRO® Brand Holiday Decor Wrap

– VELCRO® Brand White Tape

 – fabric scissors

We went with pretty traditional holiday colors, but you could easily mix things up to fit your personal style.

To create accents on each shape, we used VELCRO® Brand Holiday Decor Wrap — we love the stripe and polka dot patterns. We also used VELCRO® Brand White Tape to create ornament designs.

First things first: Cut out each shape of your template. Starting with the circles, trace that shape onto your felt sheet as many times as you can fit it. Then cut.

Do the same with squares.

And with triangles.

Now you should have a pretty sweet pile of shapes. The next thing to do is trick ’em out.

Starting with a roll of green and white polka dot VELCRO® Brand Holiday Decor Wrap, cut the tape in half to make thin strips. Attach them to your red squares to create a gift-inspired design. Cut VELCRO® Brand Holiday Decor Wrap to size and repeat for as many red squares as you have.

Next, we’ll turn these blue circles into ornaments. Cut VELCRO® Brand White Tape into a bunch of little white triangles. Stick them on the circles to create a geometric pattern. Simple as that.

Finally, itty bitty Christmas trees. We cut red and white striped VELCRO® Brand Holiday Decor Wrap in half lengthwise to create skinny strips. Attach to your green felt triangles and cut to size. Done and done.

How fun and festive are all of these shapes?

To turn them into a garland, cut a piece of baker’s twine that is about seven feet long. You can always cut a longer piece if you want, and then trim down based on your shapes. Then cut VELCRO® Brand White Tape into small rectangles. Sandwich the baker’s twine in between two pieces of VELCRO® Brand White Tape that stick together, and then attach your felt pieces to that.

Repeat with each gift, ornament and tree, alternating between all three.

We made three garlands in total.

Don’t they look great simply hanging up on the wall?

We also wrapped them around our tree here at Brit HQ. Love how they add rich pops of color to our glitzy tree.

We even hosted a party here at Brit HQ for makers, bloggers and friends to come and make their own garlands. Check out pics below!

Happy holiday garland-making!

This post is a collaboration with Velcro Industries.