Studies reveal that all day sitting may actually be as bad for you as smoking, but the good news is you may be able to combat those harmful effects with an easy trick — fidgeting. According to Yahoo Health, squirming like a child might actually be good for your health. A study out of the UK’s University of Leeds suggests that women who claimed to be only “occasional fidgeters” had a sustained increase in mortality. Those who claimed to be moderate or constant fidgeters had no increased risk of mortality when it came to the effects of sitting.


The study suggests trying to change people’s minds about the connotations associated with fidgeting, such as a lack of focus or rudeness. A second study was also referenced claiming that it’s less about the amount of time you spend exercising and more about the amount of time you spend out of your desk chair that really matters. Either way, we’re pleased that we can continue to sit cross-legged with our leg bouncing (sorry, mom).

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