Though our feet are firmly planted here on Earth, our heads are always in the clouds when it comes to our love of everything cosmic. We know you stayed up past your bedtime for the summer Strawberry Moon (or at least, you did your best to), so get your full moon party ready again for the last Harvest Moon eclipse until 2024. Why? Because it’s happening tonight!


With fall coming ever-closer, the temps will start to drop and we’ll be pulling out our (fab) autumn wardrobe soon, so this month’s full moon will be the closest one to the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. That only means one thing: Harvest Moon, baby!

So what makes this moon so special? Well, the science-minded folks over at National Geographic explain that, because the moon is now “rising about half an hour earlier each night, the added light from the full moon’s shine is said to have given farmers more time to harvest their crops.” Thus, the name Harvest Moon. This year’s moon will occur with an added bonus — a penumbral eclipse (when the sun, Earth and moon align in a straight line).


If you want to check out this cosmically awesome event, the eclipse will be most noticeable at 2:54pm ET (18:54 GMT), or you can check out for the best viewing times for your part of the world.

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(h/t National Geographic; photos via Getty)