We’re all about feeling comfortable in your element, especially when you’re traveling. And while your sun sign is linked to your Zodiac personality, your moon sign represents your emotions and mood. Leading into this Sunday’s full moon, Airbnb brought in the Astrotwins Tali & Ophira Edut, (dubbed “astrologers to the stars”) to identify destinations and homes best suited for your moon sign. Find your moon sign by checking your astrological chart for free on the Astrotwins’ site HERE, scroll down to find the location that matches your moon and book that vacay!


1. Aries Moon: You crave variety, creativity and risk-taking. Head to up-and-coming Lisbon, Portugal and soak up the energy of the vibrant city.


2. Taurus Moon: You are focused and appreciate arts and culture. Visit Park City, UT, where you can get both social and ski time (and maybe spot some celebs at the Sundance Film Festival).


3. Gemini Moon: You need a dual-purpose location to cater to both sides of your personality. Venture to Jamaica where you can chill on the beach in the daytime and hit up the reggae club at night!


4. Cancer Moon: You’re a family-oriented person, so cruise over to San Diego, CA to enjoy a quaint, friendly and laid back surf town.


5. Leo Moon: You’re no stranger to Champagne dreams and caviar wishes. Indulge in the finer things in life (and wine) and say buongiorno to Tuscany, Italy.


6. Virgo Moon: Satisfy your natural intellectual curiosity with a trip to college town Boston, MA, full of history, architecture and museums.


7. Libra Moon: Find balance in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, where the palm trees and ocean breeze will help you maintain an inner sense of harmony.


8. Scorpio Moon: You’re a thrill-seeker, so go on and let your night owl loose in the city that never sleeps, New York, NY.


9. Sagittarius Moon: You love to explore new things and places; get lost on the historic cobblestone streets and gorgeous beaches of Dubrovnik, Croatia.


10. Capricorn Moon: You’re business-like and a born leader. Embrace the politics without the game and see history in action by visiting Washington, DC.


11. Aquarius Moon: You often find yourself near water for its serene effect. What better way to achieve that than a trip to the winter wonderland that is Whistler, Canada, eh?


12. Pisces Moon: You’re artistic and soulful at heart. Find inspiration in colorful Mexico City and the nearby spectacular ancient Aztec ruins.

What fabulous destination is your moon sign drawing you toward? Share your pics with us on Instagram!