‘Tis the season for picnics, BBQs and beach days. And with this season of fun and sun, delish on-the-go eats should be high priority. You could go the pasta-salad route or even make mason jar salads, but why not ditch the utensils and for delectable finger foods? ‘Cause let’s be honest: Food tastes so much better when we eat using only our hands.

1. Literal Chicken and Waffles: Fasten your seat belts, because there has never been a greater recipe to grace planet Earth than the combo of chicken and waffles. And legend has it that this heavenly combination — paired with coffee, of course — will give you superhuman powers. You’ll definitely want to experience this dish for yourself. (Video via Alex Waxenbaum)

2. Bacon Mac + Cheese Jalapeño Poppers: We live in a world of bacon-wrapped everything. We even have bacon-wrapped bacon-wrapped bacon. So when you have a cool thing like mac and cheese jalapeño poppers, why not go the extra step and slap some bacon on those suckers? (Video via Rob Arrasate)

3. Fruit Wedge Jello Shots: Everyone’s always looking for creative ways to get our drink on. Whether it’s binge-eating wine ice cream or pre-gaming with vodka gummy bears, we love noshing on our fave adult beverages. With this Jello shot recipe, you can enjoy an afternoon snack in cute, fruity vessels. It’s that simple. (Video via Alex Waxenbaum)

4. Cheesecake Cookie Sandwiches: Cheesecake-lover or not, there is a whole lot to love about these delectable bite-sized sandwiches. They don’t look too bad on Insta, either. (Video via Isabelle Smith)

5. Bacon-Wrapped Dates: Nothing says “fancy” like exotic dried fruit with stinky cheese. True, this combination sounds weird, but with bacon, it just works. Even better, it’s pretty easy to slap together with ingredients available at your local grocery store. (Video via Thomas Sireci)

6. Brie- and Jam-Filled Puffs: Never share your baked brie again with these cheesy, warm and buttery brie + jam puffs. You’ll be the star of your next party with these sophisticated snacks. (Video via Samantha Ho)

7. Cinnamon Sausage Rolls: Nothing promises a tasty snack quite like the word roll: sausage rolls, cinnamon rolls, pork rolls… the list goes on. And as it turns out, two of the most popular roll-shaped snacks go surprisingly well together. So try giving your pigs a snazzier blanket with these cinnamon sausage rolls. This is a great sweet ‘n’ savory dish for parties, potlucks or just plain snackin’. (Video via Thomas Sireci)

Have any more finger foods you love? Let us know in the comments below!