This Easy Upgraded French Braid Is Exactly What Your Lazy Girl Look Needs
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This Easy Upgraded French Braid Is Exactly What Your Lazy Girl Look Needs

By now, your December and January calendars are booked with holiday parties and get-togethers, which probably also means your Pinterest boards are packed with celeb-inspired party hair goals. But what about quick and cute hairstyles for all of your downtime? Braids are a great go-to option for your locks when you need to look polished (hello, Christmas morning pictures!) but can’t afford to spend a ton of time fussing. That’s especially true once you have braiding basics down and can throw in some fun upgrades to create an entirely new braid, like this one here.

Consider a *French braid with a twist* when you need to look put-together but are crunched for time. Whether you’re heading downstairs to open gifts with your fam or off to a casual event that calls for adding just a little more oomph to your look, you won’t have to worry about messing with your hair thanks to this easy + elegant style.


First things first: Focus on adding a ton of volume to your locks. Spray on a volumizing spray like Kenra Volume Spray ($16) all over to add body and increase staying power for your braid.

Next, lift up the hair on your crown, twist it and push it forward slightly to add soft volume to the front of your hair, then pin it in place.


Start your French braid with three sections of hair, braiding each side and middle portion of your hair as you normally would while moving down the length of your hair, but with this twist: Layer the strand on the right side underneath the pinned section in the middle.

Then, layer the strand on the left over the pinned section in the middle. This styling technique will add volume and a sleek effect to your look.

Once you’ve covered your entire head of hair using this technique, secure it with an elastic and pin the top braided area so your hair swoops over in a dramatic fashion.


Pancaking is when you thicken your braid by pulling out each piece so it appears wider and flatter. To achieve the perfect pancaked look, gently tug at each criss-cross in your braid. Now it’s time to show off your new go-to style of the season.

Now you’re ready to Netflix and chill.

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Hair and Art Direction by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Modeling by Bella Wholey