We鈥檝e seen our fair share of itty-bitty style icons, but nothing tops these adorable besties who鈥檝e developed their very own sense of style at a young age. From their darling tutus to snapbacks and tees, these girls have so much swag,聽we can鈥檛 even handle it! Say hello to the latest Insta-famous kids: Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley.


These tiny fashionistas are only two and a half years old and are already taking over the fashion world. With their amazing style and glowing friendship, we can honestly admit that we鈥檒l never have as much style as these glamorous besties.


According to an interview on Buzzfeed, the mothers of these tiny style icons have been best friends for over a decade. They鈥檙e absolutely in love with fashion and once they had kids, they decided to share this passion with their daughters. Clearly, both moms gave birth to a couple of future Coco Chanels.


What first started as just a few fun, candid photo shoots with Everleigh and Ava soon transformed into modeling gigs with brands like Kardashian Kids. Can we just say how jealous we are of these little ladies and their Insta-fame?


Not only do these girls have a passion for style, but they鈥檙e clearly the best of friends. We seriously can鈥檛 wait to see them grow up and watch their fashion sense transform over time. But for now, we鈥檒l continue to dream of how one day we鈥檒l dress our future kids like Everleigh and Ava. To see more of this darling duo, check out their聽Instagram, @foreverandforava.

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(Photos via聽@foreverandforava)