Have a few vinyl records lying around? Don’t throw them out just yet. There’s now a way to automatically transfer all of those old school tunes from old school vinyl records directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer. All it takes is the iLP Turntable, a new device that looks as cool as it sounds.

While there are many LP to MP3 converters out there, this one does not require a computer — it can transfer directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Not only that, but it can also play music in the process. Its RCA outputs can even hook directly into your home stereo system for massive sound. If you do want to transfer your tracks directly to a computer, it comes with a USB cable that works with both Macs and PCs.

At $99, we recommend this gizmo as the ultimate gift for the baby boomer or music aficionado in your life. And with the holidays in full bloom, perhaps you’ll want to tuck this link away in a safe place for a purchasing reminder come November.

If you missed the vinyl generation but were alive for most of the 80s, you might be more interested in a gadget we found a few weeks ago, the Cassette Tape to iPod Converter ($80). Finally, you can set all of those mixtapes free into the digital world!

Whatever your musical generation, we’re just happy that the world is more enabled than ever to listen to their favorite songs, wherever they go.

Would you use this turntable? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!