Your home, be it big or small, starts out as just a few blank walls. What you choose to do with them is what makes your house (or tiny apartment) your home. Decorating can be tricky but even small changes, like adding a few fun prints, can make a big difference. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your apartment, jazz up a blank wall or are just trying to fill those cool frames you picked up at the thrift store, art can transform the look and feel of any space in an instant. These free prints will let you add a dash of personality to your place, from the kitchen to the bathroom and every wall in between.

1. Home Sweet Home: This sweet print is the perfect addition to any home. And with multiple color options available, there’s bound to be one to match your color scheme, or one to start building around. (via Going Home To Roost)

2. Pretty in Pink Flamingos: Nothing says summer like a couple of pink flamingos. These feathered friends will add a tropical touch to any room in the house. (via Oh So Lovely)

4. It Was Always You: This declaration of love could apply to anything from your newborn baby to your longtime partner. Add in a few arrows and a mustard yellow color, and this print deserves a spot in every hip home. (via Honey Bee Vintage)

5. Dance Your Heart Out Collage: Create an instant photo wall or space them out around your place. Each one of these coordinating prints is worthy of prime real estate. (via Smitten on Paper)

6. Love The Journey: Life is all about the ride, so why not remember to just roll with it by looking at this vintage-inspired bicycle piece every day. (via The 36th Avenue)

7. Oh Snap!: Uploading to Instagram, Facebook, your blog or just saving it for the next Throwback Thursday, at every hour of every day, someone is always taking a picture. If that someone is you, pay homage to your quick trigger finger with this cute print. (via Number 2 Pencil)

8. Life is Good: The neon herringbone pattern in this piece will add color to any plain wall yet is still neutral enough to look great next to your favorite framed memories. (via G Designed)

9. Rise And Shine, It’s Coffee Time: The day doesn’t really begin until the coffee is brewing, and this colorful rooster will be something you won’t mind looking at every morning while you wait for your fix. (via Lost Bumblebee)

10. You Are Beautiful: It’s too easy to get down on yourself when summer bikinis are the new yoga pants, but this little reminder paired with a colorful floral border will add just the right amount of positive energy to your pad. (via Oh So Lovely)

11. Stand Back: Maybe it’s your craft room that needs a little punch. This print will let everyone know just how serious you are about your glitter and glue gun. (via Say Not Sweet Anne)

12. Silly, Honest, Kind: This life mantra would make the perfect addition to an empty wall near the front door so you’re reminded of it every time you step outside. (via Hello, Wonderful)

13. Love: Black and white stripes AND gold glitter? Say no more! Add a touch of class to any corner with this little beauty. (via Love From The Oven)

14. A Party Without Cake: Cake is serious business and should never be taken lightly. This quote from Julia Child will let everyone know the rules. (via Design Eat Repeat)

15. Stay Curious: Keep your every day interesting with this bright geometric print. (via Handmade Home)

How would you display these prints? Which one is your favorite? Tell us below in the comments!