They may not have called it Friendsgiving in 1994 when the most popular sitcom of the new-millennium era plotted its characters into the ultimate holiday conundrum, but it鈥檚 a familiar tale to us today. Parents spending the holiday in Puerto Rico, a missed flight to 鈥渟hoop, shoop, shoop鈥 in Vale, family dramz 鈥 the first Thanksgiving episode of Friends will always be our favorite. (Umm, and total 鈥90s style inspo, right?) Whether you鈥檙e cozying up with bae, mooching off mom and pop (no shame!) or you鈥檙e taking a page out of Monica鈥檚 book and cooking a full feast for all of your best friends, add these traditions from Friends Thanksgiving episodes for the most fun Turkey Day imaginable.

1. Ditch traditional Thanksgiving grub and dine a la Chandler Bing: You don鈥檛 have to boycott pilgrim food because of emotionally scarring projectile vomit, but at least one dish ought to be totally quotidian, because Friends. You know you wanna chow down on some mac and cheese and make a wish while splitting a grilled cheese.

2. Go around in a circle and try to one up each other with your worst Thanksgiving stories: Chances are it can鈥檛 be more painful than losing a toe, more crazy than Phoebe鈥檚 past life as a Civil War nurse or more mortifying than Monica鈥檚 鈥渟exy鈥 Freddy Krueger hand and knife dance.

3. Toast to Friendsgiving: How could any other holiday surpass your exquisite Friendsgiving? That鈥檚 why we think toasting to a lousy Christmas and a crappy New Year is brilliant. It鈥檚 that kind of comedic pessimism that鈥檒l get you through your food coma and get you stoked for Black Friday.

4. You could watch football, or you could bring back Geller Bowl VIII: Play girls versus boys tag football, and use any tactics necessary to win for all woman kind. Extra points if you DIY your own trophy from a troll doll.

5. Turn maternity pants into Thanksgiving pants: That鈥檚 right. Break out elastic waistbands. Shoplifting melons and finishing the entire turkey (no leftovers?!) are totally optional.

6. Throw a late Thanksgiving: We recommend that instead of missing the 鈥渨e eat at 4鈥 call for a baby beauty pageant and getting your head stuck in the door, plan a late night on purpose and skip to credits. Meet up with your girls after hanging with the fam, whip up some pumpkin cookies and cocoa and binge watch your favorite group of besties.

7. Swap tried and true pumpkin pie recipes: Share your fave fall recipes for an on-trend savory sweet dessert. We think you can handle the pressure better than Rachel with her beef and banana English Trifle.

8. If drama is likely to erupt this Thanksgiving, DIY some turkey hats to lighten the mood: Just don鈥檛 get stuck, and definitely don鈥檛 stick your face in a real turkey. While your at it, a dance party is definitely a good idea.

9. Be a generous friend: Remember when everyone chipped in to help Rachel buy a plane ticket in Season 1? You could do the same thing for a special someone in your squad. Show how thankful you are for each other with a little early season giving. They鈥檒l be stoked, and so will you.

10. Turn your Turkey Day into an episode all its own: Hopefully as hysterically awkward as when Chandler learned why his parents were getting a divorce. Be sure to record your day on all of your social media channels. We dare you to come up with the best episode name. Will it be 鈥淭he One Where Everyone Loosened Their Belts鈥 or 鈥淭he One When They Realized That Jonathan Is Secretly a Chef?鈥 No matter what, we think it鈥檒l be 鈥淭he One Where Everyone Had a Blast.鈥

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