If there was one decade that you probably thought would never re-emerge from the beauty trend box, it was the ’90s. Yes, we’re pretty jazzed about all things from that amazing decade, but the looks from our teen years are awful and not at all doable, right? Wrong. ’90s hair and makeup looks are back and more wearable than they ever were before. With these 25 amazing updated tutorials and beautiful bits of throwback inspiration, we’ve even convinced ourselves that we don’t have to be Cindy Crawford to make brown lipstick look good.

1. Heavy Side Part: Before we begin, move all your hair to the left (or the right). Only the deepest of side parts will be acceptable in your ’90s transformation. (via Little Plastic Horses)

2. Everything Cara Delevingne: Cara’s look screams 1993 on a daily basis, but especially with the deep plum lips and her dark, contrasting eyebrows in this Burberry shoot. She looks so ’90s, in fact, that we’re pretty sure this woman is a time lord. (via Makeup 4 All)

3. Liz Taylor Eyebrows: The early ’90s brow is quite lovely in comparison to the thin, penciled-on version that we’d like to forget. Other than Ms. Taylor herself, nobody has ever rocked the sculpted brow as hard as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks. Although, Megan Fox puts up a pretty good effort these days. (via XXY Magazine)

4. Not-Quite-a-Scrunchie: Depending on who you ask, scrunchies may or may not be back, but we just can’t. Instead, we updated and polished the scrunchie style using a cute scarf, and it makes all the difference! (via Brit + Co)

5. Goth Chic: Yep, black lipstick can and will translate into your normal existence. Don’t believe us? This Beautylish guide will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about black lipstick. (via Girls Who Wear Lipstick)

6. Candy Girl: We just had some major flashbacks to flipping through YM Magazine and eating Sweet Tarts. This sugary, pastel makeup is high fashion, but could easily be toned down for a pretty, angelic style. (via Catalog Flash)

7. Blue Nails: Baby blue nail polish will go nicely with your baby T-shirt and the spaghetti strap slip dress you plan on wearing over it. Dior’s long-wearing, dusty blue Junon shade ($25) is quite perfect. (via Pshiiit)

8. Modern Grunge: Brightened up and softened up for the modern era, this makeup tutorial is inspired by the one and only queen of grunge, Courtney Love, with a bit of Gwen Stefani thrown in for good measure. (via Monroe Misfit)

9. Supermodel Hair: Big, bouncy and beautiful, this site gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve Cindy-Crawford-in-a-Pepsi-commercial locks. (via You Beauty, image via Khola’s Kloset)

10. Paint Splatter Nails: These awesome nails remind us of this neon paint-splattered jean skirt that we wore to school every single day. It matched our Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. (via Sarah Lou Nails)

11. Natural Hair Lightening Spray: OMG, do you guys remember Sun-In? Free People’s blog does, and they share three chemical-free, ingredients-found-in-your-pantry hair lighteners for ’90s-inspired beach highlights that don’t give you that orangey glow! (via Bldg 25)

12. Matte Makeup: We swear, it will not look like a mask. The matte makeup trend has been back long enough that foundation, primer and lip formulas are pretty much perfected (Clinique’s Stay Matte is fab!). This tutorial runs through five ways to forgo the shimmer. (via Real Simple)

13. Glitter Makeup: Matte may be a ’90s thing, but (ironically enough) so is glitter. Bonnie Bell, anyone? (via Vecko Revyn)

14. Hair Chalk Tutorial: Grunge can be pretty, too. (via Brit + Co)

15. Fresh + Natural: Minimal, youthful glows aren’t necessarily the trend you immediately associate with the ’90s, but it wasn’t all brick red and pressed powder. Natural faces were all the rage among your friends on Saved by The Bell and 90210 — and on the runway. Kate Moss, watch out. (via Brit + Co)

16. Barrette Beauty: Betsey Johnson and Urban Outfitters nailed this ’90s beauty look from head to toe. Soft neutral makeup, side swoops and barrettes for everyone! (via Refinery29)

17. Darker-Than-Dark Lips: Dark, matte lipsticks ruled the decade, and this fall we will be sporting the NARS Pure Matte line line ($26) of deep brick reds, plums and almost-blacks. (via Gold N Dust)

18. French Twist: Screw those stuffy and severe twists of olden days. This artfully disheveled version is much more our speed, and it won’t make you look like a Disney villain. (via Once Wed)

19. Henna Lipstick: Mood lipstick is back, and now you can temporarily tattoo your lips with the same stuff that you used to dye your hair. This bright green henna lipstick warms to everybody differently, blooming into a unique, flattering shade of red. It’s hard to find, but we tracked some down here. (via Man Repeller)

20. Spiky Pixie Cut: Winona’s signature pixie hair is a reality that certainly doesn’t bite, even today. (via Scout It Out)

21. Crimped Hair: Crimped hair is not the worst thing in the world. Wait, did we just say that out loud? (via Beauty Bets)

22. Colorful Grunge: Pastel hair is so in right now, and we hope this throwback style doesn’t go anywhere. (via Vogue)

23. Long Bob: Cropped tops and cropped hair — yes and yes. (via We’re Doomed)

24. Modern Heavy Neutral: Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is a beauty goddess in every way. She’s created an awesome tutorial for the most flawless supermodel makeup. (via Lisa Eldridge)

25. Drew Barrymore Makeup: Literally, there is no one with more clout in the authentic ’90s makeup department than Drew. She will walk you through the quintessential throwback beauty routine in her tutorial. Hair daisies optional. (via New York Magazine, image via Ruby)

What ’90s trick are you going to try first? Let us know which styles you’re happy to see making a comeback in the comments below!