Whether it’s casual Friday or lazy Sunday, a coffee date with your BFF or a Netflix and snuggle sesh with your S.O. (Pee-Wee Herman is back, y’all), a t-shirt is always an appropriate choice of attire. When it comes to cool, no threads compare to industrial knit cotton. Without a doubt, we all have our favorites. The worn-thin and softened-with-age variety might take the cake for comfiest, but a new tee spurs a feeling unlike any other. Get your new-tee fix with one of our 14 fave graphic t-shirts.

Dog Hair Tee

1. Cat + Dog Lover Flowy Tee ($38): Unless you keep this light, flowy tee sealed away in a museum-style glass case, this one will probably be covered in pet hair too. #worthit

King of the Galaxy Tee

2. King of the Galaxy Tee ($28): In a neighborhood far far away… fight against the evil ills of the Empire, have a few beers, grill up a Bantha steak (on a gas grill, obviously), all while wearing this geek-chic tee.

Abe Tee

3. I Got Five on It Tee ($28): You know him as Honest Abe, the emancipator with his bearded mug on the five dollar bill. What you didn’t know: He was the until-now-unknown third member of Luniz.


4. Mom Life V-Neck ($27): Look out, Northern hemisphere! Spring is just a handful of global rotations away from rendering your fave sweatshirt too warm. Keep reppin’ your style with its warm-weather equivalent.

Stencil Kit

5. Stenciled Tee + Tote Kit ($39): Finding the perfect graphic tee can be tough, but finding one that says exactly what you want it to? Tougher than climbing K2. Customize your own with this stenciling kit.

Kitty Me I'm Irish

6. Kiss Me I’m Irish Kitty Tee ($22): Do cats really drink beer? Do they even like human kisses? The jury’s still out on those essential philosophical problems. What we do know is that this magical cait sidhe is positively cuddly.

Don't Stop Believing Tee

7. Don’t Stop Believing Tee ($28): Just a small town sow, livin’ in a lonely sty… Let’s hope she grows some wings and learns to fly. Destination? Anywhere.

Who's Laughing Meow

8. Who’s Laughing Meow Tee ($28): Let’s play a game of good cat, bad cat. “Tell us where we can find the cat nip! If you don’t, you know what we’ll do to your litter of kittens? There there. Have a saucer of milk.”

National Treasure Tee

9. National Treasure Tee ($28): The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore are all proof that the US loves to pay homage to its idols. We’re formally submitting Nicholas Cage to join the ranks of our most prized national treasures.

Easy Tiger Tee

10. Easy Tiger Tee ($30): In life, there are hard choices. Do you take the road less traveled or the tried and true route? Sneakers or fancy shoes? Then there are easy ones, like adding this sweet tee to your wardrobe.


11. Dogs Before Dudes Tee ($35): They’re always down for a long walk on the beach. They’re always interested in everything you have to say. Personal space? What’s that? In a battle of pros and cons, pups beat bros every time.


12. Purrito Tee ($24): Don’t worry. Putting on this tee doesn’t say that you’re a cooker and eater of kitties, but it does show off your excellent taste in puns.

Sorry I'm Late Tee

13. Sorry I’m Late Tee ($24): For the eternally late, this tee might actually help you be on time. Just think how quickly you’ll be able to choose an outfit when this number is an option.

Ask Me About My Cat Tee

14. Ask Me About My Cat Tee ($26): Bringing up your furbaby to strangers is about to get a lot easier. If they ask, they can’t complain about your cat stories, right?

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