This roundup is a tribute to the clever billboards that make us laugh out loud and the viral commercials that we’ll be quoting forever (looking at you, Most Interesting Man in the World). As we spend more and more time on our smart phones, companies are taking their social media marketing more seriously… well, maybe serious is the wrong word. They’re learning that to be memorable and fun on Instagram, you have to make people laugh — and we’re definitely not complaining. Without further adieu, we give you nine companies that have hilarious Instagram accounts to make you LOL, ROFL and LMAO as you double tap.

1. @tacobell: We can’t blame Taco Bell for embracing their reputation of being THE place for late-night junk food cravings. Turns out, their new marketing tactics are shaping up to be much funnier than that little dog ever was. No quiero Chihuahua ever again.

2. @oldspice: It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s been four years since Isaiah Mustafa uttered the words “I’m on a horse” in what would be one of the most hilariously viral ads we’ve ever seen. Old Spice‘s humor hasn’t changed much since then, and it’s a good thing. Otherwise we wouldn’t have this hilarious portrait which proves that “Winning hair never loses.”

3. @popchips: Pop Chips are fun to eat and fun to follow. The folks over at Pop Chips love posting pics of their bags in fun places like stacked in a bathtub, riding a swing or just posing next to an adorable puppy. With one clever caption after the next, it seems the pop possibilities are endless.

4. @oreo: What’s this Oreo up in fangs about? The True Blood premiere last month. You can’t go wrong with cookies dishing out topical humor. Ever since their perfectly-timed blackout tweet at last year’s Super Bowl, we’ve been keeping up with everything these milk-loving treats have to say… and we have yet to be disappointed.

5. @hotpocketsbrand: Maybe you haven’t popped a Hot Pocket in the microwave since high school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at their jokes. The caption for this romantic meal: “Treat your bae to a steak dinner.” Of course if our bae treated us to a microwaved calzone/sandwich on date night, that would not be funny. Not even a little bit.

6. @theonion: No surprise here. It seems that The Onion has been the master of satire news for as long as there’s been Internet. Their Instagram reveals one hilarious (although sometimes, painstakingly true) headline after the next. Follow to stay up to date on “America’s Finest News Source.”

7. @dollarshaveclub: Dollar Shave Club has made shaving convenient and comical! (Not to mention, unisex). They ‘gram reminders to buy new blades, pics of their hilarious blade sleeves and office pets. Win, win, win!

8. @eat24: If you subscribe to their emails or follow their Twitter, you know that Eat24 definitely deserves a spot on this list of funny. Their mission is “to keep you from having to shop, cook or wear pants.” We can totally get on board with that. Their snaps will make you hungry and the captions will make you actually LOL.

9. @brisk: Think back to TV commercials circa ’95. That may be the last time you remember seeing Brisk marketing until recently. Now they’re busting out the big… cans? From mediocre brags that their iced tea drinks are “pretty good,” to (not so) mind-blowing facts like “Pineapple is the same word in almost every language but English,” random laughs are suiting them well.

Which IG accounts have you laughing your behind off? Let us know who we should be following in the comments below!