Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade received a pretty high ranking on our unofficial list of favorite celebrity couples after we saw that they’d turned their wedding video into a rom-com trailer. Then, when we watched them solidify their vows with a wedding handshake, they quickly shot up to our number one spot. Now, Gabrielle just revealed to E! News what she and her husband gift each other for Valentines Day, and we’re really not sure how we could love them any more.

gabrielle union valentines day

While on the red carpet at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Gabrielle told E! News correspondent Marc Malkin when the romantic holiday rolls around, her basketball-playing husband usually writes her a poem. She tells Malkin, “He’s very romantic and a great gift giver.” So what does Gabrielle gift in return? “I give him a high five and a pair of tube socks,” she says. “I’m not a great gift giver.”

Gabrielle goes on to describe Wade as “a Nicolas Sparks book [that] exploded into an NBA player.” Damn. We’re not going to lie— tube socks aren’t the most romantic gift ever — but hey, can you blame her? Who wouldn’t be intimidated to find a romantic gift for a sporty, IRL version of a Nicholas Sparks book who’s also a poet?

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(Photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty)